Dental Implant Procedure & Tooth Implants Cost in Winston-Salem

affordable denturesNo matter how well you care for your teeth, the chances are that you might need teeth replacement at some point in your life. Whether for trauma that caused a broken tooth or a tooth pain caused by tooth decay, it is sometimes inevitable.

The good news is that there are so many options in the modern era to replace a  tooth after an extraction, and they will often improve your overall smile. On this page we’ll address some of the options that you have when faced with the dilemma of replacing a missing tooth or set of teeth.

First thing’s first. Before a tooth will be removed, you’ll have to consider root canal cost. Often times before a tooth is extracted you will have to remove the interior parts of the tooth which contain the pulp, nerves, and veins. With sedation dentistry you have nothing to worry about in terms of pain as you will not feel anything that is going on in the tooth or in the gums.

A tooth implant is a solution to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth and is a permanent long-term solution. Dental implants provide support for the new dental appliance.

The way an implant works is that an artificial root, which is high quality titanium, is placed into the jawbone. This process is not a short treatment and will be conducted over several visits and months.

If you’re looking to replace just one tooth, the tooth implant cost will be relatively low compared to denture implants, which are a solution for a full set of teeth.

What About Dentures?

Affordable dentures are a good solution for those who have had widespread tooth loss. Dentures are often a removable solution to improving the function of the mouth and returning a smile to the way it once was or even better.

Denture implants provide a fixed and permanent solution without having to worry about dentures that are not fixed into place. How much are dental implants is something you’ll have to sit down with the dentist at a consultation and discuss. The price will depend heavily on what kind of options you’re considering and the condition of your overall health. The cost of dental implants is something that might take you by surprise if you’re not covered by dental insurance plan.

Cheap Dental Crowns and Bonding

restorative worksThere are many other methods of restorative works that help you deal with missing teeth. If you were fortunate enough and only lost a small portion of the tooth due to a break or removal of tooth decay, a much less invasive and complex procedure is available.

Only your dentist can suggest the appropriate treatment for you.  Then you will want to consider asking about tooth crowns, caps, and bonding (veneers also but we speak about this on our cosmetic dentistry page).

These procedures are much more simple in nature. when possible you should select the least invasive procedure you can.

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