Here in Winston-Salem, Are Tooth Veneers a Type Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

white teethCosmetic dentistry is something that we practice in our office. As an elective procedure the treatments we offer are likely not covered by dental insurance. This means that those who decide on elective dental works are going to pay higher out-of-pocket prices.

Therefore when deciding on these types of procedures, we give our patients a lot of time and space to ensure that they are absolutely confident to follow through with treatment. Because of the large absence of dental insurance in this niche of dentistry, we are happy to provide flexible payment plans for those families who decide on whitening their smile either through teeth whitening or veneer teeth.

The cost of dental veneers will likely be in the thousands of dollars. The high cost of veneers is due to the custom fabrication of a porcelain sheet that is artfully and exactly crafted to fit each one of your teeth.

Teeth veneers are designed to completely redesign not only individual teeth but also your complete smile. They are a more complete alternative to dental crowns and can help complete any dental treatment.

How much are veneers is a question that you will likely be able to reason with once you consider all of the problems that veneers are able to conceal or improve:

  • Aged and stained teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Eroded teeth
  • Misshaped teeth
  • Crooked teeth and gaps
  • Complete redesign of the smile

Sometimes before veneers can be installed, a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal will need to be implemented.

Professional Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningVeneers may not be for everybody. Sometimes our patients already have a great set of teeth because they were genetically gifted or they have been slowly crafted through a few dental procedures over the past few years. If you are not in need of a complete redesign of the smile there are better and cheaper alternatives in the form of dental bleaching.

How to whiten teeth is the question we get asked often and there are many solutions. In order to whiten teeth and remove deep stains, Chemical agents need to be applied to the teeth in order to dissolve and break down the bonds of the stains.

Tooth bleaching can be handled by your dentist in our office or you can find professional teeth whitening products over-the-counter and take the burden into your own hands. Tooth whitener contains harsh chemical agents and thus we advise you to proceed with caution and with extreme care in order not to negatively affect your overall health.

In order to offer our patients what they’re constantly asking for, our cosmetic dental works come with dental plans that can be paid over short periods or the longer-term.

If you have any more questions regarding veneer installation or tooth bleaching we are more than happy to have a one-on-one meeting with you in order to discuss our offerings and your options to getting a perfect smile. Go to our “About Us” page and send in our appointment request form and schedule a meeting with us.