Best Winston-Salem Dentist Near Me

family dentistWhether you have dental insurance or no dental coverage we are the experts for all types of patients in Winston-Salem.

As an in network dentist near me, we collaborate with many insurance plans. In order to offer comprehensive care we are able to bill providers with routine care such as oral evaluations and routine exams.

Our staff understands the importance of utilizing the maximum benefits from your dental coverage, and as a result we have trained our receptionists in the arts of insurance compliance.

On the other hand you may be an individual or a family with no dental insurance. Likewise, we are able to maximize your care at a tremendous value for you and your family. Our dental works cover many different niches and we are often categorized into the following types of dental practice:

  • Pediatric dentist office
  • Emergency dentist
  • Walk in dentist
  • Affordable dentist for those with no insurance

Restorative works like dental implants, root canals, fillings, denture repair, tooth caps and crowns, and affordable dentures among others.  These procedures are fairly common on a day-to-day basis and we have great expertise and implementing care.

We are also able to address and implement cosmetic dentistry treatments. These are elective dental works that will increase the overall look and feel of your smile. Teeth whitening and teeth veneers are done in office. While we are not an orthodontic clinic, we have trusted professionals that we can recommend if you are interested in straightening out the smile with braces.

Emergency Dental Clinic

The majority of our care and services are dedicated to normally scheduled appointments. At these appointments we do teeth cleanings, oral exams, X-rays, and evaluations to ensure that your oral health is not in danger of falling victim to disease.

gingivitisBut in addition to these routine appointments we are capable of handling emergency dental care. Our dentists have a large history of working with dental emergencies and keeping calm under pressure. Usually when patients come into our office with a dental emergency, we are able to calm them and implement an effective solution.

We encourage you to visit our office. We have designed and built our office to provide the most warming environment for our clients to feel comfortable. Not only do we have good ambiance, but our tools, gadgets, and equipment are state-of-the-art and are very shiny.

We value your time and consider time to be the most precious of all resources humans have.  As such we run a strict schedule and are very rarely delayed. If we are running a slight delay you will know far ahead of time in order to plan your day and adjust accordingly.

Our website is set up in the following way:

  1. Home-all about our dentist practice an overall philosophy
  2. Restorative dental works-treatments and procedures that we implement to get your smile back to the way it once was
  3. Cosmetic dentistry-all the methods that are currently popular in order to improve the overall look of your smile
  4. Preventive care-the ways in which we educate and teach our clients how to evade dental diseases
  5. About us-the page through which you can contact us and a summary of our dental offerings

Don’t hesitate to send us a note through the contact form on our About Us page. Through this method of communication you can ask us any questions or request information about any of our services.