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    A Winston-Salem Dentist Near Me

    dentist near meAre you looking to replace a missing tooth?  We provide solutions in the form of fixing a broken tooth with a dental crown, providing dental implants, installing bridges, permanent affordable dentures, or aesthetically pleasing dental veneers.

    Perhaps you’re interested in maintaining your good-standing dental health. We cannot congratulate you anymore and applaud your attempt to uphold outstanding oral health.

    We can help you with this method if you visit us one or two times per year. We provide a complex oral evaluation to ensure that your gums and teeth are in excellent health and you are not subject to gingivitis and gum disease.

    Perhaps you’re having some kind of tooth pain or toothache. We will be able to diagnose the underlying issue and suggest either a home remedy for toothache or an in-office treatment that will address that cause of your tooth pain. Perhaps this is a symptom of gingivitis, in which case we can provide a quick and easy solution to rid your mouth of bacteria.

    When you have widespread tooth decay we are an excellent source and dental clinic that provides tooth extraction. Once the tooth is extracted we are experts in replacing and filling in the gap.

    Our dental works are often covered by dental insurance providers. And when looking for a pediatric dentist you must look no further because our facilities are geared towards providing care for adults of all ages but especially for providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for young children who are weary of a new dentist.

    If you’re concerned about logistics we are a dentist near me in Winston-Salem that provides flexible scheduling to afford you convenient times that will work around your regular workday.

    dentistIn an emergency situation when you need an emergency dentist we will be there to provide our support and help you when you need us the most.  In addition to these critical times we offer a cosmetic dentistry and an option for you to go through with teeth whitening either in the office or at home.

    For those considering wisdom teeth removal, we provide sedation dentistry to deal with your complex tooth extraction. We are more than happy to explain the many benefits of having wisdom teeth extracted.

    Hopefully our site has provided you with enough information to make an educated decision on going forward with that dental treatment you have been thinking about for some time now.

    We are much more friendly and personable on a one-to-one basis and we have made it easier than ever to contact us and visit our office for a free consultation. In order to take us up on our free offer, send us a short note through our online appointment request form located on this page. We will respond to you within the same business day and arrange for the soonest time that is convenient for you to stop by our office and meet our team!