Deciding Between Tooth Implants or Veneers in Silver Spring, Maryland

Lots of families with active lifestyles will most likely have to make the decision at some point between what type of implant dental procedure to undergo.

dental implantsYou see, children who are active are still clumsy characters and might knock out a tooth or two in the process. Such is life, it’s a normal occurrence. But the question then becomes whether or not to get a tooth implant or a temporary dental crown.

It really all depends on the situation. Such a canned response can be frustrating, but only a dentist experienced in implants can really judge the situation. How badly was the tooth broken, is a root canal necessary?

A temporary crown is a good option if a crown or cap needs to be constructed. As porcelain teeth must be made in a lab, they can take some time to construct. But that still leaves the issue of the missing tooth, that may or not have an exposed nerve.

Also depending on the age of the patient, a temporary crown might be a good option if they are still expecting the growth of more permanent teeth.

Options For A Tooth Implant Procedure

The right type of dental implant procedure is something that our clients are rarely unsure of. They are able to discern that they need an implant but do not know which option is right for them. Here are some of the dental treatments we offer and the appropriate situation we suggest:

Veneers “How much do press on veneers cost?” is something we hear a lot and the truth is that they are a good value for the length that they stay intact. Veneers are a good option for someone looking to improve the appearance of they smile. If you have missing teeth, oddly shaped teeth, or teeth that have not withstood the test of time, this is a good option. It can be done with one tooth or the whole set! Teeth whitening is also a good option for you to start considering. The cost of veneers is appropriate for almost everybody!

Dental Bridge Cost – A bridge is appropriate for those with only a few missing teeth who are looking for a quick and semi-temporary situation.

Fake TeethPartial dentures, gold teeth, and full dentures are all solutions to filling gaps of missing teeth. Affordable dentures cost is dependent on a patients age, situation, number of teeth, and condition of remaining teeth.

Dental implant procedure is very simple these days. With sedation dentistry, we can administer denture implant repair very quickly and painless. Our customers often wonder “are dental implants safe?” and the truth is that the process has some so far in the past decades that almost everyone will have some kind of implant by their advanced ages.

What is a Root Canal ?

An emergency root canal cost might not be something so far out of your budget if a tooth is broken or a tooth infection leads to a mandatory removal of the tooth’s pulp. A root canal cost is affordable with the right type of dental insurance.

Root canals are a process the remove the nerves, veins, and pulp of the tooth. Root canal pain is low, especially when put under using anesthetics.

Tooth Removal

oral-examRemoving a tooth or a set of teeth can be due to breakage or making room for orthodontics. Wisdom teeth removal cost can be high, due to the evasiveness and far reach of the roots.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause issues later in life and thus we suggest it be performed in young adults. This helps avoid the movement of teeth if the mouth is not large enough to fit in 4 additional molars. Tooth extraction cost is often taken care of by insurance providers, due to the long term savings this addresses.

So no matter what is going on in your mouth these days, our dental practice has you covered! If you would like to come in and meet our team, we are more than happy to spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know you! Simply fill out our appointment request form, and we will try to accommodate your schedule as best we can!

We look forward to seeing you in our local Silver Spring office!