Silver Spring Professional Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is very popular nowadays. Smiles have never been easier to make more attractive at any other point in history, nor as accessible to the masses.

With media being around every corner, people are more and more conscious of improving the quality of their teeth to make those images more powerful. There are several different kinds of options to whiten your teeth.

dentistryOver The Counter- There are many solutions to working on your smile at home. There are whitening strips, which are applied to teeth as adhesive strips. There are take home bleaching trays which are similar to what a dentist will do in the office. These solutions are helpful and relatively cheap, about $100 or less. The bleaching process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

The down sides are that the bleaching can come out uneven. Sometimes one side of the mouth has different results than the other, or perhaps the full tooth is not stained. The drying process can be aided by LED teeth whitening, which is the process of drying after you bleach teeth. The drying process is where the stains are broken up and dissolved.

Best Teeth Whitening Method

When you are wondering how to whiten teeth, the best solution is to visit your dentist. A cosmetic dentist is highly trained to deal with bleaching of teeth to get then a few shades whiter. They use UV teeth whitening to dry the bleach, whether you want to remove existing stains or just want to get your teeth a few shades whiter. In general tooth whitening runs about $500-$700 depending on the condition your teeth are currently in.

All About Veneers

These are used to conceal unsightly teeth that are caused by:

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Gaps
  • Oddly Shaped teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Rotten Teeth

Veneer teeth are applied to the exterior of the tooth, formed so that they create a perfect fit around all the surrounding teeth. You can elect to cover up one tooth or redo the whole mouth as a full set.

Veneer cost can range greatly due to the original condition of your teeth. They are thin sheets of porcelain that are applied to exterior of the teeth and are designed specifically with comfort and utility in mind. They are minimally invasive and provide a great alternative to crowns and caps. This is because they are applied to the outside and leave the natural tooth largely intact.

There are several steps.

  1. Planning for the installations
  2. Prep and fitting your mouth for the correct size and measurements
  3. Installation and bonding of the tooth the veneers.

gingivitisShortly after installation you will likely need some time to adjust to the new teeth. They will feel large, because they are new and improved! After installation you will need to visit the dentist and ensure that the process was done correctly. Brushing and flossing should become a part of your daily routine if they were not already a habit.

Before considering cosmetics procedures, your dentist will want to ensure that your dental health is sufficient to go into elective procedures. You can’t have a brighter smile and new teeth if you have gingivitis!

So if you are considering whitening your smile or another kind of smile-enhancement, give us a call or use our online appointment form to schedule a time to meet with our knowledgeable team. We look forward to meeting you!