The Best Dentist Near Me in Silver Spring

Most of our current clients have been referred to us by their friends, family, and neighbors. We take great pride in gaining our clients from recommendations. This means that our current clients are satisfied with the work that we do and are willing to put their reputation on the line to encourage someone they know to come into our office and experience us.

family-dentistryOur dental center has been in operation for many years and has been serving the Silver Spring area since we opened. The dental office is conveniently located the center of town and makes for great logistics for people who have to deal with work, children, and other family logistics.

In addition to being licensed professionals in the state of Maryland, all of our practitioners continue ongoing education. This means that we are constantly looking for more effective and efficient ways to conduct our dental procedures. This results in quicker, cheaper, longer-lasting, and less pain inducing dental works.

Doctor of Dental Surgery – DDS

If you don’t have someone in Silver Spring who you can ask for a suggestion for which dentist to visit,  we can recommend a few key search terms that you can look for on the Internet to find the kind of dentist you’re looking for.  It is important to consider your needs, those of your family, and what you’re looking for in a practice.

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With our office, you will find an array of dental professionals who specialized in general practice and also those who can help patients with advanced dental procedures.

General care means routine check ups and evaluations undergoing all the most common types of procedures. Things like root canals, crowns and capsfillings, tooth extractions, dealing with gum disease, and maintaining overall dental health.

A specialist can be and endodontist, orthodontist, periodontist, or a surgeon.  If we do not have a specialist in our office, we are connected to other offices in the region, so that we can provide a referral to a highly trained trustworthy dentist in our network.

Family Dental Care in Silver Spring

An affordable walk-in dentist should not be hard to find here. Residents of Maryland value their dental care, and for this reason we have many dentists per capita in the state. However your dental visits should not be walk-ins, rather they should be planned out far in advance. This is conducive to maintaining healthy habits. By attending bi-annual routine check ups you will keep your mouth in tip-top shape and avoid the development of advanced illnesses.

toothacheIf you have a family, we have suggest that you find a kids dentist who can introduce your child to the importance of visiting the dentist. One who can do so in the most welcoming manner is highly recommended. Creating a welcoming environment for your child or programming their mind to believe that dental health care is something that really matters.

Introducing them and educating them to the importance in visiting the dentist early and often is something that will stay with them forever, and remove lots of the headaches later in their life.

If you’re looking for a holistic dentist, we practically treat all of our patients in this way before progressing to advanced and invasive procedures. This is especially the case with thrush.

In addition to having wonderful dentists in our practice, our front desk and receptionists are experts in dealing with dental insurance and avoiding the headaches that this creates.