The Causes of Gum Disease in Silver Spring

teach kids good habitsGum disease is better known scientifically as periodontal disease. This disease begins by the forming of bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria causes the inner layer of gum to separate from the tooth allowing the small pocket to form. This small pocket attracts bacteria and as the bacteria swells and the overall gum health diminishes.

Gingivitis is not gum disease but is often a precursor to the disease. Gingivitis treatment is routine and can be performed by any dentist in a few visits. Gingivitis treatment is essentially is to floss regularly and reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar by brushing habitually.

Dry Mouth Treatment

Dry mouth can occur because by the following things:

  • Side effect of medicine
  • Side effect of medical procedures
  • Dehydration
  • Nerve damage or salivary gland damage

If you suffer from dry mouth the following are some dry mouth remedies, we suggest you give these a try before considering medicine:

  • Breathe through the nose so as to not dry the mouth
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated
  • Chew sugar-free gum or have a sugar free candy in your mouth
  • Use more fluoride, either in your toothpaste or in a mouthwash.

What Causes Bad Breath?

The causes of bad breath are twofold. First, deposits left in the mouth that are not treated by brushing and flossing will be broken down by bacteria and will release a bad smell when air is pushed through the mouth.

Second, the types of food that you eat will affect your system. Once the food is broken down it enters the bloodstream which then enters the lungs. If you ate something with the strong scent, such as garlic, the odor will emanate through your lungs and out of your mouth. This remains in your body for as long as the food takes to go through your system.

Bad breath remedies include the following:

  • Stopping smoking and use of tobacco
  • Not eating harsh and strong odor foods
  • Routine and habitual dental care

All About Toothaches

Tooth pain relief is often something that is often on the minds of people with a strong pain in their mouth.  How to get toothache relief can depend largely on what is causing the pain. Toothache remedies can be addressed by your dentist in addition to other home remedies for toothache.

My favorite home remedy for toothache is the chewing of garlic 2 to 3 times per day in the affected area…but take into account the issue you may have above afterwards!

Urgent Dental Care

When the situation arises and you need a 24 hour emergency dentist, the last thing that you want is to be scrambling trying to find that emergency dentist. We suggest preparing for these passes situations long before they arise. This means finding an emergency dental clinic in your area that can provide services for you and your family when a dental emergency arises.

teeth whiteningNot many dentist offices are going to be open on Thursday at 2 AM when you have a horrific toothache or those wisdom teeth are starting to come in and causing tremendous pain to the entire mouth. You can find good professionals to work with children in intense situations by searching the web for pediatric dentist reviews.

It’s important, though, that you find a good family dentist that will take care of you for years to come. So if you’re searching for a new dental professional right now, give our team a shot. Meet us….see how you feel. We can take it from there!  Simply click here and fill out our online appointment form. We’ll get back with you with confirmation as quickly as we can!

See you soon!