Dental Implants San Bernardino

A single dental implant can completely change your self confidence and a renewed outlook on the way you perceive yourself. Losing a tooth in the olden times meant you were out of luck. Now, people sometimes elect to remove their original teeth in favor of implants.

As we are one of the top Cosmetic Dentist and Implant Centers in town, we are constantly asked about our costs.

  • affordable dentures“I’m shopping around for teeth implants cost, what is the price?”
  • “What is tooth implant cost at your dental practice?”
  • “I’m considering replacing a few of my existing teeth with many dental works like fillings and crowns, how much are dental implants?”

These are good questions, but the answer is never so clear cut!! Depending on your oral health, the kinds of installations you are looking for, where the teeth are located, and your bone density and immune system are all factors. We need to really perform an in depth look to give a good estimate.

In order to find what kind of treatment is available we provide consultations for free when you are looking for a dental implant to replace one or more existing teeth.

There are other options available that you might be a better candidate for. Depending on your current situation, if you are looking for a replacement tooth, we might suggest either:

  • A tooth crown
  • Tooth fillings
  • Affordable dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Denture implants

Odds are that if you are looking for these kinds of procedures you are no stranger to root canal pain, or rather the lack thereof! Most patients who are considering these types of procedures have reservations because of their fear or pain and the dentist. We operate with sedation dentistry. You no longer have to dream of a beautiful smile because you can actually wake up to a new smile!!

If you have questions about the tooth implant procedure or are looking for an estimate and consultation on low cost dental implants, we are here for you (even if you’re looking for teeth whitening!).

On the About Us page, there is a form that allows you to contact our master appointment scheduler or other people on our team who will be able to answer any of your questions. Do it!