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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our dental health services. As a San Bernardino dentist for kids and adults,  we are committed to providing high standards of care for general dentist works that include:

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  • Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Veneer Teeth

As a leader in San Bernardino in Family Dental & Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry, our dental practice offers convenient care at well situated office. If you have dental discount plans or no insurance coverage, there is a solution out there for you and we are going to help you find it.

How did you come across our webpage? If it was a friend of ours, be sure to thank them after we help you set up your first dentist appointment!

Apart from recommendations from those within the community, we are often found online or through investigating your in-network providers. Most commonly we are found through the web from these types of searches, and we think that they are indicative of the type of care we provide. People are often searching and finding us through the following: ‘my dentist office’, ‘family dentist near me’, ‘world’s highest rated dentist office’.  Ok, we snuck that last one in there, but you get the picture!

Find A Pediatric Dentist Near Me

kids dentistIn addition to providing care for adults of all ages, we have a special knack for treating youth. Children and toddlers alike are some of our favorite patients. As a kids dentist, we have a dentist in the office that went through special education and apprenticeship at a public institution where they were trained to deal with the unique needs of children.

Like anything else in life, good habits start young. The goal is to not traumatize kids by giving them a sour taste of the dentist, so that they enjoy coming back and make it a routine for the rest of their life.

In order to introduce children to the dental profession, we have a variety of methods to smooth out the process. From the way that the dentist greets the child, the way the office is laid out and decorated, and the special types of tools we have for children help indoctrinate them to their future as a regular patient.

Innovative Technology & Treatments

The method behind our expertise is to stay on the top of our game. Our on-going education is crucial. By remaining parts of our alma maters, we are able to stay up to date with the newest trends in the dental profession.

Part of the innovation we are currently implanting is both in restoration and cosmetics. In restorative works we are able to drop the tooth implant procedure cost by using new age materials and treatments that allow us to pass the savings onto the patients we humbly serve.

As a premier teeth whitening dentist in Southern California, we also implement progressive technologies that are used to dissolve the stains of the teeth with record results. Teeth bleaching is a process that has been used for decades and not the technology allows the bonds of the stains to be broken apart much more effectively.

Meet The Team That Does Wonders

If you visit our office for the first time after setting up a dental appointment, you will immediately recognize how friendly our supporting staff members are. Beyond being the best technical operators in their respective fields, everyone from the front desk to the assistants to the hygienists are all friendly faces.

Our practice has been spoiled to have found such a skilled team to help with every aspect of our oral health center. In addition to their demeanor and skills with dental works, they are masters at handling dental insurance for seniors and maximizing the benefits of all our clients.

In intense situations they are professionals at remaining calm during a dental emergency. Simply check out the mention of us in emergency dentist reviews from SoCal, we top the charts. As people in San Bernardino are extremely active, we have a higher incidence of accidents that require an urgent visit to the 24 hour dentist.

The last thing you want during a critical moment is to wonder, “Where are the emergency dental offices near me!!!!??” Set yourself for success. In moments where you need to have a tooth replaced, time is critical. If can make the difference between putting the tooth back in place or having to opt in for low cost dental implants.

Dental Implants

Speaking of dental emergencies, perhaps the most common is when a tooth is knocked out as part of an active lifestyle. Sometimes a tooth is removed due to preventive care methods or extensive tooth decay. Either way, it’s not the end of the world. Your smile has options!

dental implantsUsually, and not speaking about all coverage here, but teeth implants cost are not covered by dental insurance plans. The dental implant cost is considered an elective work by most providers. You must understand the policies your dental plan institutes, and our staff can help you with that.

How much are dental implants will depend entirely on your preferences for service and procedures. Before deciding on tooth implants, we must ensure you are a good candidate. Bone density and an immune system that is operating in top order are requirements.

As a long term solution that is comfortable, attractive, and a facilitator to living without worry of dental mishaps, we often recommend this procedure to our patients. For all types of restorative works, the only way to give a quote on service is by visiting our office for a personal look at the situation.

Other Restorative Dental

After a root canal pain drives you into our office and we perform a procedure to remove the soft-tissue inside a tooth, there are some restoration options we have for you. Root canal cost will depend on the extent of the treatment. Larger and harder to reach teeth are more costly because of the added skill and experience needed. Tooth crown and tooth fillings are the ways that we repair a tooth that has lost a component of the surface due to tooth decay or the removal of the nerves.

To replace multiple missing teeth we offer other services like:

  • Affordable Dentures
  • Dental Bridges
  • Denture Implants Installation
  • Denture Implants Repair

These can be based off an implant and be a permanent solution to lost teeth or can be removable in the case of dentures.

Cosmetic Dental


The cost of veneers and the cost of Lumineers are two major breakthroughs in recent past. Allowing dentists to redesign crooked, misshaped, and unsightly teeth can be done by the process that uses porcelain coverings. Not only covering stains, but also allowing for the reshaping of a patient’s smile,  Lumineers cost is a practical procedure that is well worth the price.

How To Whiten Teeth

teeth whitening

For all solutions to brightening the smile, we are the go to source. Whether you’re looking for in-office solutions, take-home trays or advice on generic pharmacy type solutions, we are happy and qualified to help. We use the newest types of laser teeth whitening and methods to dissolve those stains on teeth.

Dental braces and orthodontics are not offered in-office, but we can refer our patients to in-network and trusted dentists.

General and Preventive Care

When looking for a general family and kid dentist, you want someone who will educate patients about oral health. Methods to address dental diseases before they negatively impact your teeth are incredibly valuable.

We can help address what causes tooth pain and implement strategies for:

  • Gum Infections
  • Treating Gingivitis
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Wisdom teeth removal

Sometimes tooth pain escalates in dramatic fashion and drives you into our office for emergency dental services. When this happens, we are able to prioritize your care and get you in and the pain down.

Coming into our office regularly we can keep an eye out for gum disease symptoms. Ensuring our patients are in prime oral health is a goal that we never give up on. Emergency dental care can be relegated to accidents and with a routine dental care schedule, they will be.

The Office & Insurance Policies

If you are shopping for full coverage dental insurance quotes, make sure you that consider your dental history so that you can get the plan will cover not only routine care but also unexpected needs.

To give you a good impression of the type of experiences we create with our patients, we highly suggest you check out our dentist reviews. Not only visiting the ratings we have online but perhaps an in office visit is something that could help you finally pursue your dental needs more proactively.

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