What Type Of Teeth Whitening Do I Need In San Bernadino?

After the summer passes, our skin starts to love the tan we’ve acquired. We all know how the SoCal summer brings these pigments to our skin. Spring comes and we start to get lighter and lighter. Unfortunately our teeth don’t work the same way. That slight hue to the smile will never regress, only get more and more pronounced as we age. Such is life.

veneersSo what can we do? First, you need to identify if the stains are intrinsic or extrinsic. Depending on which kind of stains you have will dictate your treatment.

Extrinsic stains are easier. They can be removed by a simple teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing. They are the kind of stains that are on the outside of the enamel. Tooth whitening toothpastes will work on this solution and you don’t need to have a treatment beyond the cleaning process.

Intrinsic is the type of stain that is embedded within the enamel. You will need a teeth whitening dentist to get in there and perform some kind of bleaching process.

How to whiten teeth with intrinsic stains all starts with consulting your dentist. We will be able to identify the type of stains you have and recommend the appropriate solution.

Veneers or Lumineers? Which Is For Me?

Determining between veneer teeth and Lumineers can be tricky. It mainly comes down to the cost of Lumineers  vs the cost of veneers. Veneers use a thicker porcelain material that is .5MM thick, whereas Lumineers are .3mm thick. The thinner material provides more flexibility in application.

However, as veneers are thicker, they conceal stains much better. Lumineers cost as a result is a bit more than the already pricy cost of porcelain shells for teeth.

Our office does not deal in dental braces but can proudly recommend an orthodontist nearby who we work closely with in order to provide the care our patients seek. Straightening the teeth for aesthetic of function purposes are a great way to improve the look and feel of the smile! Wisdom teeth removal is often a part of the orthodontic treatment.

Send us a note to meet with the dentist and identify ways to improve your smile with teeth whitening or veneers.