Gingivitis Is a Lack Of Oral Care

The development of gingivitis, gum infections and gum disease all come from the same place. Not brushing and flossing enough.

gingivitisHere are other ways manage your prevent dental diseases and never have to worry about you having gum disease symptoms or the trendiest gum disease treatment. Treating gingivitis is best done by your dentist and should be an easy manageable process so long as it is caught in time. But what’s the point of waiting until then?

  • Eat a White Diet This means staying away from staining foods like wine, coffee, teas, and berries.  Try and eat neutral foods that will preserve your natural shine. Carrots, celery, and apples can actually clean teeth naturally.
  • Brush The Tongue This can help rid plaque and avoid bad breath. A tongue scraper can be used, but your good ole toothbrush is handy also!
  • Brush With Fluoride Toothpaste And Baking Soda Fluoride acts to naturally reduce plaque and tooth decay. Baking soda acts as a natural whitener and can be used one or two times a week.

Visiting our office for regularly scheduled exams will keep you from searching for emergency dental services providers! Emergency dental care will likely be expensive and may be brought on by severe toothaches. What causes tooth pain is something that we will discuss during our oral evaluations, so that you never have to find out what is feels like!

Another wise consideration for a preventive treatment is a wisdom teeth removal procedure. Removing these large molars before they develop and enter the mouth can save lots of troubles. As our diet has changed, the teeth are not necessarily needed to eat raw meat from the flesh of a saber-toothed tiger or cracking nuts with.

Visit us and become part of our family. We care for all our patients with the same manner we do our own families – developing perfect oral habits is the key to long term oral health. Send us a note through the About Us Page and schedule an intro appointment for the top dentist in San Bernardino.