How To Whiten Teeth With Bleaching In West Valley City

Teeth bleaching is a process for teeth whitening that is the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure in the USA. Our cosmetic tactics are tested and have given hundreds of smiles in the West Valley City and Salt Lake Areas a revamped and new look. The professional teeth whitening cost starts at around $500 and can go up if you have a special situation or an extreme case.

How it works is quite simple. We apply a bleaching agent that attacks the bonds of the stains on the enamel of the teeth. This frees up the stains and their hard connection to the teeth. With the laser drying process, the stains dissolve and disappear! The process takes one or two sessions and can be done in one weekend.

The teeth whitener solution is bleach-based and is stronger than any over the counter product you can buy at a pharmacy. This is because under the care of a dental professional, we understand the strength of the agents and can take precaution to administer the treatment carefully and without bad side effects.

These over the counter treatments are good alternatives, but you should consult your dentist before doing so, just so you understand all the considerations and processes. Teeth whitening strips, gels, and trays are other methods worth asking about.

Veneers Will Rebuild Your Smile

Have you ever imagined that you could rebuild your smile? Fix random gaps, oddly shaped teeth, put a cover over the crowns and implants you have that just don’t match? What about completely cover up the stains that have been developed over decades of living life?

Veneers teeth are for you. We take your existing teeth, sand them down a bit, just enough so that we can apply a thin porcelain sheet over all the teeth. This sheet is fitted exactly for each tooth, providing a perfectly-shaped crown that will last 15 years. This rebuilds the smile by reconstructing the teeth, making it a brilliant white.

If you are considering renewing your smile, speaking with a dentist in our office can give you a great impression of the type of work we do. Plus, you may learn about procedures you never knew existed that can serve as wonderful alternatives. We offer many other types of services such as root canals, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal.

Give us a chance to present our success cases from current clients. You can reach out to us by sending us a message on the About Us page. There is a contact form that provides a way to both message us and to request an introductory appointment with us.