Dentist Near Me In West Valley City, Utah

Ok, you’re looking for a local dentist who can be your go-to provider for the dental services you and your family need. Lets cut straight to the point. We are that dentist that you are looking for. Here is why:

  1. family dentistWe offer your family a pediatric dentist that is trained and educated on the specialized needs of your children. Moreover, we work with your kids dental insurance to provide a well-rounded dental care plan that is focused on long-lasting preventive care.
  2. We are not a 24 hour dentist, but will make ourselves available to your needs when possible. Allowing for a flexible schedule is necessary for us to collaborate with your work schedule. This allows for a flow with our office hours.
  3. We provide options within our network of services for when you are looking for emergency dentists near me. While we can’t help you at 4 am on Saturday night, we have people who we work closely with that will be able to help. This is important as we provide availability of your files in case you need to access your records.
  4. Our dentist reviews from current and old clients proves that we can back up what we say on our website. We encourage you to read them! Our social media properties have notes of thanks from many of our clients and their families.
  5. Our dental work is guaranteed to last the test of time. We hold ourselves accountable for every procedure we do in office. Your dental clinic should hold themselves accountable to give you the confidence you desire before going into a treatment that can be invasive and complex.
  6. We work with all types of dental insurance and will coordinate with your family dental plan to maximize your benefits and get you the care you have paid for in premiums.

Beyond all, we are dedicated to providing valuable care to our patients in and around the West Valley City area and into Salt Lake City. We have easy access to  I-215, 201 and 154 in order to provide you with ease and convenience.

If you are considering finding dental insurance to work with in the future, we can help you consider your options and the treatments you will likely need in order to help you compare the best dental coverage plans.

How Can We Help You Get Back On Track With Restoration Dentistry

Our job as dentists is to provide you with expert care for all types of dental works. Part of this involves being knowledgeable and providing you with the answers to questions that you have about any types of our procedures which directly impact you. Having you up-to-date on the treatments we offer is part of our offering- you must understand the long-term ramifications of your services. Everyday we are answering questions about the works we offer, how to deal with dental insurance premiums and benefits, and why certain treatments are better than others, things like:

  • How much are titanium dental implants?
  • “Am I am candidate for dentures and are affordable dentures a better alternative to the tooth implant cost?”
  • “Are low cost dental implants going to withstand the test of time or am I better off with dental implants for dentures?”
  • “Considering that root canal treatment cost is covered by my dental insurance, are there any less painful treatments available that will also be covered?”
  • “I have been recommended to consider wisdom teeth removal, what is your opinion of an 18 year old having wisdom tooth removal?”
  • “If I had treatments from another dentist many years ago, do you offer replacement or maintenance on this appliance- I may need denture implants repair, are you familiar with that?”
  • “I am considering replacing a few teeth, does the dental implant cost scale? Meaning, do I get more value if I receive treatment for 3 teeth as opposed to just 1? Also, are there dental insurance plans that cover teeth implants costs?”
  • “I have a chipped tooth and am considering either bonding or a dental crown cost. What are the benefits of one over the other?”

Our whole dental staff has been trained to deal with the many questions that our patients have and can suggest alternative works in addition to recommendations on current treatments. Beyond knowing about the procedures themselves, the front desk team is highly proficient at dealing with dental plans and which insurances cover which type of treatment.

Whether you are a candidate for a tooth extraction, are looking for the best deal on false teeth or are wondering where we buy our dental supplies, we can help!

Part of our offering to the SLC Area is providing free help for common questions and inquires about any situation or predicament.

Gingivitis Treatment and Bad Breath Remedies

Of course you’ve heard that its important to brush and floss daily. But have you ever been told WHY? The reason is so important to every person with teeth that sometimes we forget to explain why it is crucial.

Preventive care of teeth is the constant maintenance and preoccupation with keeping the teeth free of food deposits. This is done by brushing and flossing. Do you know how many ways people search Google for tooth pain relief? Here are some examples of the most popular search terms:

  • Toothache relief
  • Bad breath remedies
  • Toothache remedies
  • Remedy for toothache
  • Tooth pain remedies

There are dozens of ways that people are searching, but they’re all looking in the wrong places. While Google and the Internet can help you find a quick solution, sometimes the underlining dental issue is greater than anything a search engine will tell you.

By visiting the dentist for a tooth cleaning, we can often find major issues that would otherwise go undiagnosed. A routine visit to the dentist every 6 months can help you avoid an emergency dentist visit that will cost thousands of dollars, even if you have dental insurance. Emergency dental care services will address problems that you could have avoided had you sought a closer look at the health of your gums and supporting dental structures.

veneersWe Do Cosmetic Dentistry Also!

If you’re interested in teeth whitening because your teeth have lost their brilliance after years of wine drinking, coffee drinking or natural processes of the teeth, we can help with how to whiten teeth with bleaching.

Professional teeth whitening cost is less than you would think and we can do the treatment in either one weekend or spread over two, but just two dental visits are necessary (maybe even doable in one visit!).

Other options exist in addition to an in-office treatment. There are other methods, for example, a teeth whitener, or you can consider teeth whitening strips and gel pens. While laser teeth whitening prices are much more than these over the counter products, they produce dramatically better results with little chance of damaging effects to the rest of the mouth.

For a more complete plan, we deal with veneers and the reformation of a smile. Veneer teeth cost is going to be more expensive than teeth whitening, but can address many issues you have struggled with for years or decades.

Why You Need To Visit Our Dental Offices in West Valley City, UT

Whether you need to find a smile dentist who can get your teeth to meet your high cosmetic standards or are looking for an emergency dentistry specialist that you can call if a situation ever arises, you need to contact us and schedule your introductory appointment.

If you’re tired of searching for ‘dental offices near me’ in Google, you can give the thorough research a rest and visit us in person to speak about our dental offerings! Today!