Titanium Dental Implants And Why You Should Consider Them In West Valley City

Most dentists consider dental implants to be the most dramatic leap in the age of dentistry of the last century. A permanent replacement for a single lost tooth was invented by Swede in the 1960’s, and today the treatment is as streamlined as ever.

Teeth implants are a great way to return a smile to the way it once was. Titanium is almost always used because the body will accept the material as a natural component to the oral structure.

After a tooth is removed for whatever reason, we go in and implant the root, which is the titanium part, into the jawbone. After a while, weeks to affordable denturesmonths, the body will integrate the artificial root as one of its own and we can go ahead and place the permanent fake crown (which is the visible part of false teeth). In most situations, the procedure will look better than your original tooth.

It is a long-term solution that is the right procedure for most of our patients. Now, of course there are cases when another solution may be preferred. It all depends on your oral history, current habits, and permanent objectives, and also usually in allowance of benefits by a dental insurance plan.

Other solutions for replacing teeth in-office are dental crowns, bridges, caps and crowns, and full and partial dentures.

We also offer other basic restorative functions that help our patients regain form and function of a smile. These restorative works are classified as those that help our patients attain their desired level of functional and aesthetic care, just short of teeth whitening and other elective works, they include tooth extraction and replacement of lost teeth.

Part of our offering as a general practice dentist is to provide care for all types or problems and issues that are experienced by children, adults, and the elderly. For this reason, we excel at care for entire families. We provide care for the families of West Valley City, UT with the same care we would want our own families to experience. This is the reason we are among the most highly recommended dental clinics in the area. Word of mouth is our number-one driver of business and we are proud that our clients are willing to recommend us to loved ones for their own dental health.

But don’t take their words for it! Schedule an introductory appointment where we can discuss your family’s needs and our dental philosophy. You’ll be happy you did!