Yes, in Dearborn, Your Smile Matters

veneersListen, smiles matter. While most people are extremely polite, we have to be clear with ourselves and recognize that when we are in a meeting with someone who has teeth that are difficult to look at, most people immediately associate less than desirable looking teeth with the words “poor hygiene.”

Now, we don’t like to have that discussion, this is for sure. However, we need to recognize that the subconscious mind is a powerful thing and when people are considering professionals and businesses to work with or buy from, for some reason, they just can’t seem to come around to choosing you.

Now, does what I just outlined really happen in the United States today? You’d better believe it. We humans are quite judgmental.

If image and our smile wasn’t relevant, cosmetic dentistry and the fashion industry wouldn’t be the multi-billion dollar industries that they are.

Teeth Veneers for Those on a Budget

However, unlike the fashion industry, nearly all of us can have a million dollar smile without having to spend a lot of our hard-earned money to achieve this result.  Costs have been considerably contained due to significant improvements in both the procedures used as well as the materials now being used for treatments like veneer teeth.

Materials like composite resin have dramatically reduced veneers teeth cost for the average person.

One thing that you need to keep in mind, even the best dental insurance policies don’t generally cover cosmetic treatments. On the other hand, those policies that do cover cosmetic procedures are quite expensive.

Alternatives to Porcelain Veneers

Pro teeth whitening solutions are literally available for everyone. If you want whiter teeth, there is a solution for you.

The overall laser teeth whitening cost that you once heard of is no longer the case. In fact, laser teeth whitening used to be extremely cost prohibitive. However, improvements in both laser technology as well as the gels used to create the shades of white teeth have reduced the overall cost significantly.

Furthermore, many people are still using procedures like bleach teeth whitening, which work fine, but the length of time that the results are enjoyed are much shorter than that of laser solutions and, of course via, veneers.

There’s More To The Smile Other Than White Teeth – Contouring and Reshaping

laser teeth whiteningLasers have done more to innovate overall cosmetic dental solutions than any other technological advancement. In addition to enabling people to whiten teeth 5-10 shades with one visit to the dentist, lasers also have made it much easier for dentists to shape and contour the gum line.

Some people have too much gum showing when they smile. This is referred to as a “gummy smile.”

To improve your smile, dental solutions have come a long way.

Are you considering a cosmetic dental solution? Have you been thinking that if you improved your smile that you’d feel better, overall? You wouldn’t be the only one. In fact, millions of people are engaging cosmetic dentistry these days.

One quick note of caution to anyone with any form of gum disease, or even it’s initial stage gingivitis, we must solve this condition prior to commencing any type of cosmetic treatment.

We invite you to jump over to our About Us page and schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your cosmetic ideas and outline a plan that is both affordable as well as efficient. We look forward to meeting with you.