Your Family Dentist in Dearborn, Michigan

pediatric dentistWelcome to our dental website serving Dearborn, Michigan. If you are a member of our community, we invite you to read through these pages of our site and learn how we serve our neighborhoods with our dental services.

Having grown with the families here, having served the residents here for many years. From preventive dental care to restoration, and cosmetic procedures, we are full-service dental offices for your entire family.

Walk in Dentist Near Me in Dearborn, MI

Growing up, walking past all of the dentists near me in my neighborhood, was an inspiration that ultimately led me to dental school.

I remember one time when I had a toothache and I just walked on down to the nearest dental clinic, literally expecting to walk through the front door and have my pain relieved.

Well, I was young.

I can say that I did leave with a solution, but I also needed to wait around for a few hours as there were many patients there that had appointments that they had scheduled weeks and months prior to my toothache! I ended up needing to schedule an appointment for a root canal so my parents needed to get involved.

While walk-in dentists are not necessarily the norm, once you establish a relationship with a dentist, you are generally able to work out a process for dealing with emergency situations.

Our Dental Philosophy

Our main priority is your oral health, followed by ensuring you have all the components for a beautiful smile. Yes, you understood that correctly, oral healthcare is first and foremost. We use the most innovative dental procedures with the best materials along with the most aggressive preventive care education possible.

Standards within Our Dental Office That You Can Count On

Beyond ensuring that dental best practices are adhered to, we strive to outperform all standards outlined by the main health agencies, OSHA, CDC and RCDSO. The way in which we ensure sterilization to prevent any type of spread of disease or bacteria is unprecedented. The patients that have made us an extended part of their family here in Dearborn, having appreciated our exceptional efforts for years.

oral healthPediatric Dentistry for Your Children

If you are looking for pediatric dentistry for your family, we’d ask you to read the many dentist reviews on 3rd party sites that you can find on the internet.

Having served the community for as many years as we have, we have many folks that have chosen to let everyone know how they feel about us, and we are proud!

Laser Dentistry to Reduce Dental Procedure Discomfort

With laser technology advancements, they are being used in many more dental procedures than in years past. In fact, laser dentistry is being used for many dental procedures.

Many dentists use lasers to perform biopsies and to remove portions of inflamed gums to help in the overall treatment of periodontal disease. Lasers are also being used a great deal within Cosmetic dental procedures, specifically for gum contouring and reshaping. In fact, lasers have considerably reduced the use of drills in dentist offices from coast to coast.

Next Steps in Choosing Your Next Dentist

If you are considering a change or you are new to Dearborn, we welcome you to schedule an initial consultation so that we can have an opportunity to meet and outline a preventive oral healthcare plan for your future. We trust that you will soon discover why people call us an extended part of their family!