Why Do I Need A Root Canal in Plantation?

Let’s look at two scenarios:

  1. It’s been four years since your last dental visit. You maintain a strict schedule of flossing and brushing, but two weeks ago you had a strong toothache and last night it became unbearable.  This morning you came into our office and we were quickly able to see that you had tooth decay that had reached the interior of the tooth.
  2. You have an active child who went head over bicycle handlebars and broke three front teeth.

Both of these scenarios might require a root canal. Root canal pain in the first situation will be greater because the tooth has decayed and suffers from infection.

crownIn the second scenario, where the child went over the handlebars, the root canal cost will be less than the first situation. This is because a clean break provides an easier operating situation for the dentist to remove the interior parts of the tooth.

The inside of a tooth is composed of living parts of the tooth. When the nerve of broken teeth are exposed to the atmosphere, they must be removed.

These are two excellent situations that highlight a dental emergency and which necessitate an emergency tooth extraction.

But there is nothing to worry about. A broken tooth crown, or other replacement teeth can look much better than the original tooth, and it might even last longer too.

Of course, avoiding accidents and emergency situations is important because a root canal cost and a tooth extraction cost may not be covered by cheap dental insurance or dental discount plans.

Affordable Dental Implants

At our offices we provide many different services to replace a missing tooth, or several missing teeth.

While a dental porcelain crown is the easiest to install, and requires the least invasive types of care, it is not for everybody and needs a special type of break. This is a good option if most of the tooth remains and is in a healthy condition.

dental implantsIf the tooth has been completely removed or extracted, affordable dental implants cost beats just about any other procedure. A tooth implant procedure can be a bit much to bear for some people, but thanks to sedation dentistry, you will never know what is going on until you wake up with the beautiful new tooth.

The low cost of dental implants means that it is the most common procedure, especially because it can be implemented for just one or a few missing teeth.

For a full set, upper, or lower teeth the most practical option for you are denture implants. Having dentures made for your mouth can create wonders for your smile. Dentures can either be permanent or removable, depending on the health of your mouth and what you decide to be the best decision in your situation.

Denture implants are permanent and are fitted and molded to fit perfectly inside of your mouth. They look like real teeth and no one will know the difference. Affordable dentures cost is usually covered or at least subsidized by a dental plan.

We also provide denture repair for those who are looking for maintenance. The best thing about dentures is that you never have to worry about paying for teeth whitening!

Can I Get Gold Teeth?

When you go to implant dental works into your mouth, you can choose between lots of options. If you’re asking how much are dental implants,  it all depends on what type of materials you have installed.

  • Porcelain material
  • Composite resins
  • Gold teeth
  • Platinum teeth with diamond encrusting

Depending on your situation and severity of tooth loss your tooth replacement procedure might be offered with sleep dentistry. Of course these options are taken on a case-by-case basis.

There are other types of extractions, in the case of wisdom teeth removal, it is optional and usually a preventive procedure to have wisdom teeth removed before they fully grow in.

For more information on your particular situation, there is an appointment request form on the “About Us” page where a contact form is located. Submit any questions you may have there!