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dental insuranceIf you are looking for dental health services for just you or for you and your family, we welcome you to our site and hope that we can provide all the information you are looking for.

We are a group of dental experts who provide well-rounded and full-service dental care to those who live in Plantation, FL. We are an affordable dental health clinic that strives to provide everybody with the same amount of care regardless if you have dental insurance plans, or no dental insurance coverage.

Our prices are based on the market without huge insurance intervention, and we are able to provide affordable care for all types of restorative, cosmetic, preventive, an emergency care services.

24 Hour Dentist Near Me

One place to find a trusted source for dental recommendations is by searching online.  Our ratings and reviews are highly representative of our services and you can find them online. Here is an outline of some ratings from new and old clients alike:

“I visited the office of many dentists near me, and when I finally went in for my free consultation I knew immediately which dentist was the right selection.“

““In my family’s search to find a kids dentist near me, we had no one to rely on, no one to ask for a referral, so we were able to find our dental practitioner online. That was three years ago and we have never been happier with our dental health services.”

“… local pediatric dentist near my child’s school and near my work in order to accommodate both of our schedules and get us both a root canal

Even if you’re not looking for dentist to use right at this moment, it is  important to look through the emergency dentist reviews, in order to formulate a plan and case a dental emergency should arise.

There is no greater pain in life that having a dental emergency and not knowing where or who you should see. Also having a walk-in dentist in your contact list will be a valuable asset, should the need arise for a spur of the moment dental visit.

Find a Kids Dentist Near Me

If you have children in your care, then you may know the importance of providing highly specialized pediatric dentistry. Children are different than adults both in the growth and formation of their teeth, but also in the attitude that they take when approaching the experience of a dentist office.

pediatric dentistAdults see the dentist as a necessary component to overall healthcare, however a child sees the dentist as an evil doctor looking to stuff their mouth with cold metal.

For this reason a highly specialized pediatric dentist is needed in order to provide a friendly, warm, and educating experience for children.

Our flexible dental payment plans are welcoming to people who have full coverage or no coverage. Regardless of your income or insurance provider, you will be sure to receive the best dental care at our office.
We encourage you to browse the pages of our site to learn more about our practice and the services we offer to those in Plantation, FL, then use our online contact form to request an initial visit with our dentist. We’ll get back with you as quickly as we can with confirmation.