Let Us Restore Your Mouth With Low Cost Affordable Dental Implants in Clearwater

dental implantsLosing a tooth is not the end of the world. In youth and adulthood a tooth loss can be a big issue, but many of our clients are greatly satisfied at the end of a replacement procedure.

Implant dentistry includes many different solutions to replacing one or many missing teeth:

  • Dental implant
  • Affordable dentures (removable and denture implant)
  • Dental crowns
  • Bonding
  • Dental bridge
  • Crowns and caps

The cost of teeth implants is very affordable and if you have dental insurance you might not have to worry about much. As with any medical procedure dental implant cost is heavily dependent on your overall health and the speed and materials you wish to use in your treatment.

For example cost of one day dental implants can be a lot higher than the price of implants over a few dental visits. This is due to large laboratory fees and dependent on the materials you’re looking to use. For example you can elect for porcelain or gold teeth to be used in the installation.

While implants are solutions to replacing just one or a few missing teeth, dentures are a permanent solution to restoring the smile for the full upper or lower set of teeth. Dentures cost is higher than implants mainly because of the volume of teeth being replaced.

We use the sedation dentistry for most of these procedures due to the invasive nature of implanting components into the jaw.

For the most introductory of tooth replacements you might be fortunate if most of the natural tooth remains fixed in the mouth. In this situation we are able to use a cap or a crown in order to fill in the missing space. Dental crowns cost the least of all teeth replacement procedures. Both you and your insurance will be happy campers to learn a dental crown is possible.

Other in-office procedures include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Tooth extraction cost
  • Impacted tooth treatment
  • Root canal pain therapy
  • False teeth and denture repair
  • Abscessed tooth

affordable denturesAll of our in-office restorative procedures are guaranteed to provide you the confidence with which you once had if your pre-existing smile. The goal of restorative procedures is to address the presence of tooth decay and deal with necessary steps to get your mouth back to its once optimal form and function.

For all types of questions you may have, we have answers:

  • “I am considering dental tourism for wisdom teeth removal, can you consider a place for me to go?”
  • “I am considering in-home teeth whitening what is your opinion?”
  • “Where is the best location for me to buy dental supplies and denture adhesive at a low price?”
  • “What is the root canal and will I still be able to maintain my original tooth?”
  • “How much are dental implants and are they the best solution for my scenario?”

In order to reach out to us about any of our restorative works we have provided an appointment request form on our About Us page that allows you to ask us any questions about dental implant cost, root canal therapy, or returning your smile the way it once was.