Gum Disease Is The Most Common Dental Issue in The USA and Avoidable in Clearwater

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)  has stated that up to 75% of adult Americans have some form of gum disease.  The severity ranges from  gingivitis to periodontal disease,  but only up to five percent of people are currently seeking treatment.

family dentistFor such a huge discrepancy in the amount of people with some form of gum disease and those looking for a gum infection treatment, there must be a larger issue at hand here. Whether it is overall oral and dental health, or lack of educating the general public on the common affects of gum disease, the issue remains that not enough is being done in seeking gingivitis treatment.

Most modern research indicates that the adverse effects of negative gum health leads to other detrimental diseases, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Oral cancer

Whether the general public is scared of the treatment of periodontal disease, or they just do not know how to identify gingivitis symptoms, we have made it our goal to educate our patients in the art of avoiding gingivitis.

It is not an art but rather habitual oral hygiene that keeps our patients away from the negative effects of gum disease. Only 13% of Americans floss everyday, but flossing is one of the most vital part of your daily oral care.

However it is not only poor oral habits that lead to the development of gum disease. Stress, tobacco use, genetics, and poor dieting can lead to a decrease in the health of the gums as well.

For early stage diagnosis, a simple teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar will be sufficient. In addition to adopting the best brushing and flossing habits, we might suggest our patients start using a gingivitis toothpaste.

Early Signs of Disease

Nearly all advanced dental diseases can be traced back to a lack of long-term hygiene and overlooking of small symptoms that build up into bigger issues.

gingivitisThe patients who routinely visit our office for oral exams and teeth cleaning rarely develop dental diseases. This is due to the fact that an oral professional is able to supervise their teeth once or twice a year. Diseases do not happen all of a sudden, and in between these routine checkups we are able to see the deterioration of oral health.

Often times when patients come to see us for tooth pain relief, sensitive teeth, dry mouth, or for TMJ treatment, we are then able to diagnose an illness that is the underlying cause for these experiences.

Not always, but sometimes these symptoms and small pains are the cause of a larger issue. Most of the time we are often able to suggest a home remedy for toothache, a more holistic approach that is completely noninvasive and that will use common home products to cure your pain.

Don’t leave your small pains go unattended as they can develop into larger dental issues that will cause tremendous his pain and will not be an easy fix.

You can ask us any question about your dental health through our contact form on the About Us page. If you’re looking for a dentistdental insurance collaboration, you have found a great source of in network coverage. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or to set up a free introductory appointment with our Clearwater Florida dentist to take a look and identify the cause of your tooth pain.