Teeth Whitening Options for Today in Clearwater

Whitening teeth is simple and noninvasive. The main goal is to change the color of the tooth enamel, usually whitening the enamel by up to five shades.

teeth whiteningAs demand for white teeth has skyrocketed over the past few decades, so too have the options and teeth whitening products available to the public.

Our office provides two main cosmetic dentistry solutions. The first method is the home whitening tray system. We will prepare whitening trays in our office which you will then take home and apply teeth whitening gel. You will use these trays for up to an hour a few days per week.

Now, if you’re looking to have everything done by dental professional we offer laser teeth whitening, which is the solution that we will be able to implement in one or two short visits.

As whitening only affects the outer natural outer layer of the tooth, you may want to consider your existing dental treatments. Replacing old fillings, dental implants, or any existing crowns may change your decision to go through with teeth whitening. This can also drastically change the shade of white you were aiming to achieve.

It is import and to know that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. As they age, they will need occasional touch-ups and periodic re-bleaching. And this is especially so if you are fond of coffee, tea, wine, and smoking tobacco.

Over-the-counter products also exist. You can find a teeth whitening pen or adhesive strips at your local pharmacy. Well the best teeth whitening is done in our office in one or two dental visits, these over-the-counter products are great alternative to save some cash.

Veneers or Lumineers?

When comparing the cost of veneers to that of Lumineers, veneers price will be cheaper in every single scenario.

To explain why, let’s give a explanation of what veneers teeth exactly are.  Veneers for teeth are a great solution to forming a perfect smile from misaligned teeth, present gaps, or widespread staining.

veneersTeeth veneers are applied to the teeth after your dentist has made a mold and formed a desirable shape. The first visit of the veneers teeth treatment, we will sand down the outermost layer of enamel, reducing about one third of a millimeter of enamel. This layer that is removed will eventually be replaced by a thin film of porcelain that is known as veneer sheets.

While essentially the same procedure, Lumineers are more modern and are able to be fabricated with thinner dimensions. This small difference in size between the two options allows the patient to keep more of their existing enamel when deciding to use Lumineers opposed to veneers.

So there you have it, a brief introduction between the most popular options that our patients are currently using to improve the overall look of their smile!

Sometimes we get a new client who is looking for gingivitis treatment or a standard tooth cleaning because they have not been to the dentist in several years. Because of the popularity of the teeth whitening this client will be more interested in getting a bright and shiny smile then they are in attaining satisfactory gum health.

If you are looking for an in network dentist that works with dental insurance,  odds are low that your provider will provide cosmetic dental payment assistance. In most medical fields elective procedures are hardly ever covered unless you opt into it when you sign up….which means you will pay more for your policy than if you don’t opt in. Plus, you’ll know from the get-go if things like this will be covered.

For a personal introduction to our cosmetic dentist in the dental works that we can provide for you, don’t be shy in give us a note through our contact and appointment request form on the “About Us” page.