The Quick, Easy and Painless Root Canal Dentist in Wilmington

root-canal-dentistAll of the dental practitioners at our office are always surprised to hear that people don’t like the dentists’ office! We are such nice people! It makes us sad that people don’t like coming in, especially when we make our office so calm and appealing… not to mention our prices because they are the best in town!

We are specialized and experienced in routine dental works as well as in advanced dentistry procedures.

Well, the reason people don’t like going to the dentist is because usually they wait until they have a dental emergency!! This is not the way to take care of your mouth! Here is a list of the most common dental procedures that we take care of year-round:

  1. Endodontics

    This is the practice of removing the nerves and pulp from an infected tooth. This area contains nerves, tissue, veins, and they are risk of infection if the decay reaches deep enough. Root canal therapy is quick and relatively painless. It can develop from trauma or from an advanced case of tooth decay.

  2. Cheap Dental Crowns

    A crown is the final covering of a damaged tooth. A broken tooth implant procedure is very fast these days and the finalized tooth looks just as good as the rest of your smile! We do cheap dental crowns and offer porcelain coverings, or if you prefer, gold teeth!

  3. Implants

    Tooth implant procedures are solutions to replacing a tooth that is missing due to trauma or decay. Affordable dentures are our specialty and our reviews online will support our claims! In addition to installation, we do denture implants and repair for previously installed dental works.

    Often times we get calls asking “How much are one day titanium dental implants?” Well the truth is that it depends! Of course there are considerations like, how many teeth are going to be installed, in which case one day might be cutting it too short! For a quick and easy solution we offer snap-on teeth replacement.

  4. Extractions

    Tooth extraction cost has dropped substantially in recent years. Now, we even offer the choice of sedation dentistry. You can opt in or out, depending on your preferences. Wisdom teeth removal is also a good solution to impacted teeth. This is ideal for young adults and is a preventative procedure that can save lots of headaches in the future!

  5. Teeth Whitening

    Bleaching and removing stains is very common. It is an easy process and we use both UV and LED processes, depending on your personal situation. We also educate you on the best way to keep your teeth in their best and most brilliant condition.

The most common procedures that we mentioned here are fairly simple, easy, and can be painless if you take care of the issue before it progresses. We encourage you to find a dentist who is knowledgeable in your particular case. Before selecting a new dentist, you must converse with the dental office and make sure they have to tools and know-how to deal with what you have going on in your mouth.

We would be happy to talk with you and discuss the options we have available for you. Simple fill out our online appointment form, and we will get back with you as quickly as we can!