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    Where Are the Dentists Near Me?

    This question is what most of our new clients start to ask themselves one random day when they wake up. After not having been to the dentist in several years, they are surprised that they have a toothache!

    Or other times, heads of households are wondering to themselves, or asking their neighbors and loved ones, “Where can I find the best pediatric dentist near me?” These are our favorite customers! Those who come from referrals!

    Our clients are always extremely happy to have worked with us, and highly recommend our services to all their friends and family members when they are new to town or looking for a new dentist that works with affordable dental insurance.

    We work with the best dental insurance plans and also the worst! Doesn’t matter if you have cheap dental insurance or none! We will find a way to get you the coverage you deserve! Our philosophy is that nobody is too young or too old to receive the best dental works and have a beautiful smile.

    Affordable Dentures Are Our Specialty

    In addition to cost effective dentures, we offer all the most common dental procedures. We are experts at advanced dental works and welcome clients who have had dental procedures performed at other dentist’s offices!

    We offer dentures for those who are looking for a new set of implants in their mouth. Our lab techs are highly skilled at fitting and our specialists can implant the dentures with ease! The cost for dental implants has really come down in the recent years, and so has the hassle, time, and price!! Good news.

    If you have some kind of trauma and break a tooth, give us a call for emergency dentist works. We’ve installed many caps and crowns to those with a broken tooth or two in our years as dentists.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    These days, there are many elective procedures that one can have done in order to brighten their smile, rearrange teeth, close gaps, work on gum lines, and get teeth whitening.

    For those looking to improve self-esteem or just have a better image in the mirror, we do lots of specialized procedures. We do insist that before beginning with elective cosmetics, we begin by analyzing your overall dental health and ensuring that your mouth is in excellent condition.

    Routine Dental Services

    We suggest a bi-annual oral evaluation where you get your teeth cleaned and have x-rays done. A tooth cleaning removes any plaque buildup and tartar that can lead to an array of issues. The most common thing that arises from not going into the dentist from routine evaluations can be gingivitis, bad breath, and dry mouth. These result from the build up of bacteria, or the complete lack of saliva.

    Staff and Dentists

    Our reception is highly trained to deal with your every need. They are knowledgeable and experienced working with dental plans and dental insurance companies from everywhere!

    The dentists at our practice are a close-knit band of specialists and general practitioners that seek to make our clients our number one priority. Come and give us a visit! We offer free consultations and encourage you to drop by the office and see how we work! Simply fill out the form above, or give us a call, and we will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. We like to think we’re the best dentist here in Wilmington, DE.