Avoiding Gingivitis, Bad Breath, and Emergency Dental Care in Lakewood

If you’ve ever heard the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” then the dentist’s version is “Two brushings and flossing a day keep the dentist at bay.”

proper brushingPreventive dental care is a team effort.

In our eyes, our clients and our dental experts make a wonderful team.  It is up to you to maintain a habitual and routine hygiene schedule and it is up to us to provide semi-annual check ups and thorouth teeth cleanings.

Healthy gums are the foundation for your oral health. Not maintaining your dental hygiene can lead to gingivitis. This is caused by a buildup of bacteria, which is left over from food deposits. The bacteria then becomes plaque, which then becomes tartar. The build up begins to push back your gums and will often cause symptoms of gingivitis, which are:

  • Swollen gums
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Sensitivity to touch and while eating

At this stage you now have gum disease, also known as Periodontal Disease. Small pockets have now formed at the edge of the gums, which are essentially breeding grounds for bacteria and the leading cause for other dental issues.

Toothache, Bad Breath, and Dry Mouth

Toothache pain can arise from many different causes. Sometimes the patient might have a cavity and be suffering from tooth decay. Other times the gum disease will begin to affect the root of the tooth and give tremendous pain.

A toothache remedy can be something as simple as chewing on garlic or taking a few aspirin. But usually what to do for toothache is to call your dentist and let him or her know that your tooth is not in the best condition.

The causes of bad breath are twofold:

  1. Food that is circulating through your body will produce a ruminating smell. As food is processed through your stomach,  particles enter your bloodstream, which in turn will enter your lungs. As you breathe in and out the smell from these particles will be excreted from your lungs and your mouth.
  2. Food that you ate will leave some deposits inside of your mouth. Your body produces saliva to breakdown the food, and often these deposits will remain in your mouth long after you have finished eating.

Bad breath remedies address both of these issues. First, take caution when eating strong smelling foods.  Foods with strong spices, garlic, and onions will not only leave deposits in your mouth, but will secrete through the interior of your body.

Dry mouth remedies are fairly straightforward once you consider what the causes are. Dry mouth is usually caused by the following things:

  • Drying of the mouth through mouth respiration
  • Side effects of medical procedures
  • Side effects of medicine
  • Smoking and usage of tobacco
  • Nerve damage

toothacheThe best things we can suggest for dry mouth are to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, chewing on some type of sugar free candy or gum, and consider medicinal use and its effects on your body.

Proper care of your mouth and preventative dental care will keep toothache pain to a rare occurrence.

Your goal and also our goal as dental care practitioners is to avoid our patients from having to go to the 24 hour dentist, with pain that they cannot stand. Emergency dental care is not a very affordable thing and minimizing dental emergency is something you want to do for yourself and your family.

So head on over to our appointment request form and request a meeting with our dentist as soon as you can. We will try to accommodate your schedule as best we can! We look forward to meeting with you!