Cosmetic Dentistry For The People in Lakewood, California

dental insuranceAs social media is adopted by the masses, people are more conscious of their outward appearance. An image of your smile will be put online and seen by hundreds – if not thousands – of people.  Millions if you’re a celebrity!

This exposure to the masses and our indoctrination to celebrity culture have also welcome the mass-adoption of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry cost over the past five or six years has reduced dramatically. What was once an option only for the Hollywood elite, is now being adopted by millions of Americans throughout the country.

Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures like:

  • Dental bonding. This is the process of bonding a tooth colored resin to add to in order to change its shape, fill-in a gap or conceal a broken or cracked tooth.
  • Tooth crowns. Caps and crowns can also repair a broken tooth.
  • Teeth whitening. The most widespread method for cosmetic dentistry. Over-the-counter solutions and in office procedures are done by dentists around the nation.
  • Full mouth veneers. Veneers are thin sheets of resin or porcelain better affixed to the teeth to improve the overall look and feel.
  • Enamel reshaping. Reshaping of the tooth is a good option for those with oddly shaped teeth.
  • Gum reshaping. Reforming of the gum is very simple, and can help build a more attractive smile.

Teeth Whitening Options

Solutions and treatment for tooth whitening are plentiful. How to whiten teeth it’s something that is on many Americans’ minds.

There are over-the-counter solutions which are relatively cheap, and take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of in-house treatment.  Whitening pens, whitening strips, and strong gels are common in-home procedures.

Teeth whitening cost will be a bit higher for treatments administered by dentists. Professional teeth bleaching will take one or two dental visits. These results will be the best experience and most evenly distributed results.

Whitening teeth is a quick solution using strong bleaching agents. The agents are then dried with UV or LED lighting, this is the actual process that breaks down the stains on your tooth. At this age they naturally lose their pearly white shine, so habitual teeth cleaning and whitening might be an option for you.

Forming A New Smile With Veneers

How much are veneers and are they covered by my private dental insurance?” is the question I get often.  Elective procedures are rarely covered by low cost dental insurance. This means that procedures in which are not utilitarian based walking come with a high out-of-pocket cost.

whiten teethVeneers cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the condition of your existing teeth and the number of teeth you are looking to conceal.

Lumineers is probably the most popular brand of veneers, albeit a bit more expensive.  Your dental health must be in better condition to be an ideal candidate for this procedure.

We are a general dentistry practice but consider ourselves highly competent in dealing with cosmetic dental works. This is because beyond our basic dental education, we continue with ongoing seminars an education that keeps us up-to-date and proficient in the most current technology.

These technologies allow us to more effectively and efficiently administer dental care. This saves us both time and provide savings that we pass onto you.

If you’re considering improving your smile, simply schedule a free consultation. Before beginning to improve the look of your smile, we will want to ensure that your basic oral health is pristine. This means that you have no gum disease, X-rays reveal no cavities, and that your oral evaluation is completed with no issues.