Elk Grove Gingivitis Treatment

We hear of gingivitis everywhere! It’s on TV, on billboards, on images of people smiling.

gingivitisBut what is it?

Do I have it?

What does it mean?

How do I make sense of all of this?!?!

Let’s start from square 1. You eat a juicy hamburger with extra pickles. From there you go on a camping trip, but forget your toiletry kit. So 3 days are passed in the Sierra Nevadas without brushing of your teeth.

You get home and brush immediately. You notice a very thin film of grime on the teeth  – all around the mouth. This is plaque.

You brush your whole mouth except for a small part next to the gum line in the very back near the molars – this is where those pickles still are. The plaque layer is still there from the last time too, but now its thicker and developing into tartar.

This tartar congregates and grows, and thrives, in the gums.

Boom. This is where gum infection happens. The first stages are gingivitis, and then gum disease, then all of a sudden you’re faced with periodontal treatment.

The best method to avoid all of this plus the treatment of gingivitis, is to visit our office regularly for routine teeth cleanings. You can avoid ever needing gum disease treatment, with simple pain-free teeth cleanings!

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of bleeding gum, dry mouth issues, and will help with teeth pain relief.

Do I Need Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom teeth removalThe short answer is – not really. Most of the time a wisdom teeth extraction will help evade many longer term issues that may arise. If you have young adults in the family, consult your dentist as the proper course for wisdom teeth removal.

X-rays will be done in order to determine the growth pattern of the teeth and if they will cause ancillary damage to the surrounding areas.

In addition to providing excellent preventive care and teaching you how to avoid costly unnecessary procedures, we do all kinds of cosmetics and restorative works.

For a trusty dentist in Elk Grove, reach out to us for any questions you may have. We have a contact for on the About Us page where you can both send us your questions as well as request an appointment with our dentist! We look forward to hearing from you.