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Welcome to our website! The home of a true expert dental office that plans for the long road of lasting dental health for families around Elk Grove, CA.

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Located in Elk Grove, we mainly serve patients and their families in the surrounding areas. Families come from around the county because we provide a unique approach to building a long-lasting relationship with you as the centerpiece. We have clients from all over the Sacramento area: Rancho MurrietaHerald, Wilton, Sheldon, Laguna, Florin, and Franklin to name a few of the immediate areas.

As we have based our dental practice around providing a service where other dentists falter, our clients stay with us long after they have moved from around the immediate area of our office. Here is an email we received from a mother who had moved about 30 miles from our office, after having been a patient for many years.

“I tried hard to find a dentist near me that worked with our dental insurance plans, but none of them were able to provide my family with the level of professionalism and personality as your office. Can we book an exam for all 4 of us in 6 months?”

So, what exactly is it that keeps our clients loyal and draws their friends and families to come and visit us? Our philosophy towards family and kids dental care ensures that we share our expertise at avoiding complex and troublesome disease and educate you on the methods.

This means that rather than letting your mouth fall apart and repair issues as they develop, we prepare you with the best oral habits. This is what we call:

Preventive Care: Teeth Cleaning and Treatment for Gingivitis

As with all types of healthcare, there are numerous ways in which to take steps towards optimal health. Often times, these steps are taken far ahead of time. For this reason, we as a society screen for diabetes, cancers, and heart conditions.

gum diseaseDental care is exactly the same. We can avoid costly and detrimental disease before they even begin to develop. For example, teeth cleaning and routine evaluations often stop gum infection in their tracks. A result of not caring for teeth is that gum disease prevails. Therefore gum disease treatment and periodontal disease treatment can be avoided by addressing the underlining issues of oral care.

Sometimes, a patient will enter the office asking, “What can I do for a toothache?” or, “I have some gum issues. What are bleeding gum causes?”

For these questions and others that indicate slow progression of gum disease, teeth pain relief can be provided by a simple procedure of cleaning the teeth from any tartar and plaque.

We make it our goal to teach you the methods to prevent the build of plaque and tartar. Those are the components that erode the gums and spread illness throughout the rest of the body. This kind of approach is especially important of a children’s dentist. A kids dentist can set the bar high for children, making them constantly aware that their oral habits are an integral part of overall health.

Lack of gum care can result in a necessary bad breath, tooth loss, wisdom teeth extraction, dry mouth, and gum graft surgery. If you currently have gum disease, you know that it is a slow progressing disease and that teeth pain relief can be had by speaking with our dental professionals. Additional treatments can be the use of fluoride washing, which is a kind of mouthwash for gingivitis.

Restorative Works: Root Canal, Dental Implants, Teeth Replacement

affordable denturesIf for some reason you need to have replacement teeth, we are well equipped to help you with restorative works. Restorative works return the mouth to a minimal functional and aesthetic level. Currently, all of our restorative works have some kind of cosmetic dentistry component. We understand that a replacement tooth or set tooth implant cost should include an element of improving the overall look of the smile.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal cost will include the following:

Removal of the interior ‘living’ part of the tooth – pulp, nerves, soft tissues, and especially any infected parts. A dental crown cost is included in the process, as the dental caps and crowns are what will replace the extracted part of the tooth.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, unexpected situations arise that mean an emergency dental situation is needed. We are not a 24 hour dentist, but have arrangements with some in-network emergency dental care office that can provide your care when you need it. As our technologies are interlinked, your medical files will always be available for these situations.

All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

This procedure is very affordable for those with full dental insurance. Considering your policy, this permanent procedure is a great option for those patients who are looking to be outfitted with a full upper and/or lower set of teeth. How much are dental implants depends on the scale of treatment you desire. This treatment mixes two treatments, single teeth implants and dentures. Rather than the traditional model of removable affordable dentures, the cost of dental implants can be beaten by fixing a permanent appliance into the mouth with the all on 4 method.

Dental Implant Procedure Cost

This will not be beat as a one-off situation. When you need a dental implant, it is usually because the whole tooth or a majority has been either extracted or removed.

Removable Dental Appliances

Full and partial dentures use adhesive to fix themselves into the mouth. For those who have had a majority of their teeth removed and if the teeth are grouped together, a denture treatment is a possibility.

Whitening Teeth with Laser Teeth Whitening

dentist near meAs our care escalates and we’re able to promote excellent standard levels of care, our patients are not having to worry about restorative works and having things replaced. Rather, they are able to spend more of their dental budget on elective works for whitening teeth and improving the overall look of the smile.

Veneers cost and how to whiten teeth are increasing inquires for our front desk staff. It’s a great sign of the times, an especially proud moment for our dental team. We use a type of laser teeth whitening to treat our patients. It currently provides for the most cost, time, and result effectiveness.

There are other teeth whitening methods that you can do at home. Whitening gel and teeth whitening strips, among others. Although you can save money by doing  at home treatment, consult your dental professional before doing so.

What Are You Waiting For?

So there  you have it, our full offering as a dentist in Elk Grove. To get a better picture of our team and services, we recommend you find 3rd party reviews or our service online.

If you currently have dental issues, putting them off will only make it more invasive and costly once you actually decide to go forward with treatment. We promise to make the procedure as pain-free as possible!

In order to fix, treat, and improve the smile, dental offices can do a lot more. We have taken this statement and applied it to the way we treat clients and their teeth.

Our attractive, clean, and centrally located office will make your life easier when trying to plan a dental visit for you or the whole family! The front desk staff are nice and educated on handling affordable dental insurance policies to get you the most benefits with least out of pocket cost.

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