Pediatric Dentist in Auburn, WA

Where do I find a dentist near me” is one of the questions we have all heard at one point in time or the other from either a friend, family member, colleague or neighbor. Generally, this isn’t a question asked out of happenstance, but generally one combined with a grimace and accompanied by pain.

All too often something catches us by surprise, whether it is a filling that has started to fall out, an unforeseen cavity or in unfortunate cases, an emergency root canal that is needed. In every case, it’s important that we’re able to engage affordable family dentistry for our personal and family dental care. With the tremendous amount of different plans and programs available, finding affordable dental plans that both meet our current needs as well as longer term oral health core objectives is critical.

Here at our clinic, we look to look after your dental health for the long term. This way we can ensure that you are very well aware of what is happening with your teeth and therefore can plan appropriately for both general dental maintenance along with regularly scheduled teeth cleanings and exams. Furthermore, we can assist you in identifying a dental insurance plan that will meet your family’s needs.

pediatric dentistPediatric Dentist Near Me

For those looking for a new dentist for your child or children, we want you to know that we provide full kid’s dental services. Additionally, we are both proficient and experienced in providing holistic dentistry for your young ones, but as mentioned above, we also care for the adults in the family as well.

Whether you are looking for a kid’s dentist as your little ones begin to lose teeth, or your children are experiencing the misfortune of a bad toothache, we know what to do, and we do it fast. There really is nothing worse than having to endure tooth pain for longer than necessary, and in our book, any amount of time with a mouth pain is too long.

Whether we look at it this way or not, your dentist is one of your closest and most trusted advisors. Anyone that has ever had a toothache before can vouch for this. We need to have a relationship that is based out of trust and one that is built from experience. While general dentistry is what most of us need on a semi-annual basis, periodically we are looking for something a little different, perhaps braces for the kids, cosmetic dentistry for a new smile, or perhaps we are candidates for more intense surgical or Restorative procedures as commonplace as wisdom teeth removal or more complex oral surgery.

Dentists Near Me

If you are in Auburn, we are the dental clinic that you need to reach out to. We are conveniently located for our local residents, serving the community for several years. When you start your Google web search for “Find a Dentist Near Me,” you’ll immediately notice that not only are we listed, but that we put forth the effort to be listed, to be found. We know that folks are looking to solve their dental needs. We have taken the time to ensure that we are found so that we can provide our services to all of the residents of Auburn that seek our service.

dr.boyerAdditionally, we have positioned our office in the most convenient location possible for the residents of Auburn. This was our main priority. We trust that you will find our office both well situated as well as pleasant to be in.

We have invested great effort into ensuring that the environment is aesthetically pleasing and that our staff is attentive and well trained. We recognize that it’s not always about finding cheap dental care, but rather providing the care to our patients that is both affordable, attentive, and professional.

If you live here in Auburn, we encourage you to read the many dentist reviews from our patients, then visit our office. Simply go to the About Us page and schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure to get you in right away. If you have a more pressing issue or even an emergency, simply let us know and we’ll ensure that we take care of you immediately.

We invite you to continue to browse our website to continue to get to know us and then schedule your initial new patient meeting with us.  We look forward to seeing you in the very near future!