What Do We Want From A Dentist Near Me in Round Rock?

emergency dentistFrom a survey that we conducted with our new patients a few years ago, we found some interesting results. Our goal was to take the negative experiences that our clients had with other dentists, and to apply that reasoning to our growing dental practice.

In order to maintain our clients and build long-lasting relationships, we have systematically implemented the results from the survey to ensure our clients feel comfortable year after year.  It has done wonders in helping build our client base and we are now one of the most recommended dentists in Round Rock.

We work with dental insurance providers as an in network collaborator, but the majority of our clients come from either out of network PPOs or are under private dental insurance.

It is a great pleasure to have our current clients recommending our services to their friends and family, here is our mission statement and the reason why we continue to grow our business through word-of-mouth.

Low Cost Family Dental Care

Our mission to our patients and the residents of Round Rock Texas:

  • Provide a warm and aesthetically-pleasing office that is logistically convenient for heads of household that need to navigate their family’s busy schedules.
  • Provide helpful and knowledgeable reception staff, who expertly maintain our schedules and provided insightful detail regarding dental plans and treatment procedures.
  • Adhere to our daily schedule and provide notice to our clients if we are running at a slight delay.
  • To hold ourselves fully accountable for all procedures and treatments done by our specialized dental staff.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest tools, treatments, and procedures in order to provide state-of-the-art and spectacular dental works.
  • Educate our clients on methods to avoid disease and on how to expertly care for their oral health at home.
  • Build a long-lasting relationship with each one of our clients built on trust and service.
  • Offer flexible dental payment plans when dental insurance will not cover the cost of a necessary procedure.

24 Hour Emergency Dentist

During normal operating hours we are emergency dentist providers, allowing for the priority of emergencies for things like root canal and crown treatment for broken teeth. Not only are we cool under pressure, helping to relieve your stress in an emergency situation, but we excel at all general dentistry procedures.

dental discount plansAs the affordable children’s dentist in the area, we are able to treat not only adults but also introduce kids to a new situation that they might otherwise be uncomfortable with. Being a pediatric dentist office provides us with great joy. Most parents look for a local kids dentist that is able to relieve some of the pressure from the parental duties.

We take this into consideration and take it upon ourselves to treat children and young adults as individuals who should start learning the ways in which to take care of their own teeth. And we do so in a fun and lighthearted manner.

While being kind and endearing with children, it is with adults that we are straightforward in explaining the importance of certain treatments and the long-term repercussions.

Our pages here are laid out in the same way that our practice views the dental philosophy. When first visiting us, we will ensure that your mouth is able to attain a minimal level of oral health, this is called restorative dentistry.

Then we educate you on the ways in which you can prevent future diseases and dental complications, this we address in preventive oral health strategies.  Lastly we offer cosmetic dental works that are able to take an otherwise healthy smile and craft a perfect smile that is worthy of being in movies.

Set up a consultation with our practice, there is a contact form on the “About Us” page where you can send us a note and schedule a free introductory meeting.