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Welcome to our website! This site was designed with your needs in mind, providing information on our most commonly addressed dental issues in Eugene, OR.

family dentistOur Mission is to be a dental practice that provides valuable service and holds themselves fully accountable for treatments administered in Lane County, Oregon. We make it our job to help our patients prevent many harmful oral diseases and infections that can occur as a result of poor oral habits by educating our clients with methods to prevent gum disease and maintain their teeth for decades to come. In addition, we also never stop our ongoing education and stay on top of all the new cutting edge tools and techniques to make treatments more streamlined and cost-effective.

Understand Our Services Before Meeting With Us in Eugene, OR

There is no such thing as an affordable dental emergency, therefore we strive to make these occurrences as rare as possible and only relegated to chance unfortunate happenings. How do we prevent dental emergencies? By providing what we call a Preventive Approach To Evading Dental Diseases.

First, we teach you the critical importance of gum care and how to keep not only the teeth but also all underlining and supporting parts of the mouth. The gums and jaw are critical and are the unsung heroes of your oral health. Strict cleaning habits will lead to avoiding you having to seek out dry mouth treatment, care for gum infection, treatment for gingivitis, and a solution to an abscessed tooth.

Oral hygiene is the base of this approach and will guarantee that you evade costly and painful procedures later on down the road. You will begin to come into our office at 6 month intervals even if nothing is wrong! Imagine that! At these appointments, which are usually covered by full dental plans, we will do a thorough evaluation. Cleaning, x-rays, and evaluation to ensure that plaque levels are eradicated and all things are functioning as they are supposed to. A regular scheduled meeting will allow us to find and eliminate and pesky signs of dental diseases.

Another procedure that can be beneficial and is largely elective and preventive in nature, is wisdom teeth removal. Usually tooth extraction cost will be a fraction of the possible repercussions that might evolve into a complex dental procedure.

We highly suggest that all young adults are screened for possible wisdom teeth extraction. Your dentist will easily be able to tell the immediacy of the issue by having x-rays performed.

Restorative Works- Same Day Dental Implants, Dentures, Root Canal

Restoration regarding dental is just the same way of describing the restoration of anything else. When people restore a house, a car, or furniture, they seek to return the object to its once original state; doing so without altering the object in its entirety while simultaneously attempting to make it as functional and pleasing to the eye as possible. This is our methodology with your mouth care.

family dentistryWhether you’ve struggled with cavities, gum health, tooth decay, lost teeth, or all of the above, we have the procedures to treat your ailments and restore your smile to function and form.

Let’s go over just a few of the works that we implement as part of our comprehensive overall affordable dentistry goal:

  • We can be your emergency dental implant dentist. When an accident occurs and you lose a tooth, we can install a solution to immediately fill in a gap while we can take our time to fabricate a permanent replacement in the form of either dental implants or tooth implant dentures.
  • Denture implants cost is not significant considering the long-lasting solution it provides our patients. This is better known as All on 4 implants.
  • The price of All on 4 dental implants can be compared to dentures cost and is much more affordable than filling the mouth with individual implanted teeth.
  • As a dental implant center, cost effectiveness is our goal. We wish to serve the whole county with our progressive and proven services for an area that we truly dominate in- the cost of one day dental implants.
  • Removable dentures, both full and partial sets. We specialize in getting affordable dentures cost handed over to the insurance providers of our clients in order to help subsidize the overall cost.
  • Emergency dental care is provided with the utmost importance and given first priority among all other ongoing issues.
  • Offering of holistic and alternative remedies for teeth pain relief while trying to understand the underlining cause, before diving into prescription medicine or invasive procedures.
  • The use of sedation dentistry for those patients who are especially anxious and or undergoing especially complex and pain inducing treatment.
  • We guarantee all our dental supplies for teeth care are nothing but the highest quality, sterile, and most innovative that are currently on the market.

Are You Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dental works are those are not needed besides to enhance the appearance of the smile. Teeth whitening and veneers are the solutions that fit directly into this category. As with all of our restorative works, we try add an aesthetic dentistry approach to make those kinds of necessary treatments really look genuine.

Dental veneers cost is largely fixed because of the laboratory fees. Forming the perfect-fitting porcelain sheet to cover each one of your teeth is a tedious job and one that you must consider when shopping around. As the cost of dental veneers is going to remain quite high compared to the cost of dental implant procedures, you want to ensure the dentist you are committing to is able to provide quality care and has a lengthy track record in this specialty.

Teeth whitening cost is much less significant than veneers and rightfully so, it should only take one or two dental visits to achieve a brilliant white smile.

How To Find My Dentist?

In Eugene, OR, there are dozens of qualified and successful family dental offices. So when you’ve just moved here, or are looking for a new dentist, how do you decide?  Choosing the wrong professional will mean that in a few months of years, you will have to start shopping for family dentistry all over again!

Here is our advice. Wrangle up all the dentists you can find in your area by searching online, search terms like these will help:

  • Dentists near me
  • Find dentist offices in my area
  • Dentist finder

These should provide quality results. At least dentists who are using the internet to communicate with their patients will be found. These are the kind you are looking for: cutting-edge professionals who are constantly looking to be progressive in all their methods. Then you schedule your first appointment – which should be free – and you visit a short list of dental offices.

This first visit should give you a clear understanding if they are the best dentist for you or not. Whether you are a single woman or a man with three children and elderly parents, you will be guaranteed to learn all you need to know from this introductory visit.

There are some guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that you find the right dentist. Now considering that we offer free consultations, you must apply this rubric to our initial consultation.

  1. Do you find the dental office clean and tidy? Do you feel welcomed by the receptionists, and are they knowledgeable about your discount dental plans’ benefits?
  2. What about the logistics of the office? Will it make life easier or harder when finding a time to get in and out?
  3. If you have children – are they a kids dentist providing specialized pediatric care?
  4. What is your oral history like? Do they have experience providing maintenance or caring for your past dental treatments? For example, do you need a dental implant dentist to work on a multitude of tooth implants or are you looking for an expert who can provide for affordable full dental implants costs?
  5. Are you considering a full tooth replacement and need an expert team that understands how affordable dentures cost is an important matter and who will collaborate with dental insurance to extract the maximum benefit?
  6. Are they able to provide referrals to dental professionals that specialize in specific treatments: orthodontics for example?
  7. What is their method to dealing with your needs when you are in need of emergency dental care?
  8. What is their method and approach to preventive care? How do they ensure that you stay far away from gingivitis and gum disease?
  9. Are you interested in cosmetic dental works? Do they offer professional teeth whitening?

Feel free to browse our site for more information on the care we provide to families here in the Eugene – Springfield area.

We have introduced you to our services and made an effort to educate you on the methods for selecting a dentist. Will you give us a meeting to see if we fit your criteria for a dental professional?

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