Affordable Dental Implants Cost a Fraction of What They Once Did in Trenton

Restorative dentistry consists of tending to dental procedures that either improve, remove, or replace your current teeth. With that said, we’d like to take a moment to outline one of the most common procedures, dental implants.

While the best dental implants costs vary depending on the type of materials you decide on, dental implant cost has been reduced significantly over the past few years.

Dental implantsWhether you require a front tooth implant or a molar, new technology and the cost of materials have been the driving force behind prices become more affordable. A major contributing factor to the cost and type of implant dentistry that is required in your situation is going to be the procedure that needs to be executed.

Is a bone graft going to be necessary? Then zirconium, a one-piece system, will be much more difficult to use. Zirconium is less expensive than its main competitor, titanium.

Dental implant costs are based on the several configurations of how the teeth implants are implemented. First, the body design is identified. Cylinder, thread, plateau, perforated, solid or hollow are the main body designs worked with by dentists throughout the US.

Then the surface of the new tooth is necessary. Will it be smooth, machined, textured or coated? Again, the dental implant cost will have several components that contribute to the final bill you pay, but as stated above, all of these options has actually brought the overall price down considerably.

Next, as well as a major consideration, the cost of a dental implants dentist, the person that actually performs the procedure varies.

As you might imagine, a dentist that has a clearly defined “supply chain” with their dental lab, with lots of work heading to the lab will always be less expensive than the dentist that sends over an order 1 time every month or so.

So, if you have a tooth replacement in your future, make sure to use a dentist that does this type of dental implant procedure often, this will ensure that you not only get the most experience possible, but that you are also able to keep your costs down considerably.

Now, for those of you that are considering replacing more than one tooth, or more comprehensive planning process is going to be required. You’ll want to sit with your dental implant dentist to identify the options. Will you opt for partial dentures, or implant dentures in the form of an innovative product like the “All on 4 dental implants?”

Affordable Dentures Cost Based On the Materials and Product You Decide On

The days of denture adhesive and constant denture repair, while not gone forever, are significantly reduced today. With the advent of denture implants, many folks now have a permanent solution that they couldn’t have anticipated just a few short years ago.

Whether it be for cost, or a procedure that enabled a patient to undergo a denture implant over traditional dentures, these new procedures have literally changed people’s lives. If you’d like to sit down to discuss the various affordable options available to nearly everyone, let’s talk.

Restorative Dentistry to Ensure Long-term Oral Healthcare

restorative dentistryTo restore a damaged tooth is always the preferred path over having to replace a tooth. If the root canal cost can be substantiated over replacing the tooth altogether, we will nearly always recommend our patients to go with the root canal. To salvage teeth should always be at the forefront of our minds and our number 1 option if at all possible.

In other scenarios, other restorative procedures can be used, such as in the case when you are experiencing cracked tooth pain or perhaps a form of gum disease that is causing you some form of discomfort. While dental crown cost considerations will be a factor, as in the case of a cracked tooth, it will definitely be less than the tooth extraction cost and subsequent tooth replacement.

Restorative dentistry is an opportunity for us all to engage in a long and healthy life. If our oral healthcare suffers, our overall health suffers as well. If you or a family member are experiencing any form of mouth pain, we recommend you schedule an initial consultation with us so we can outline a path to a pain free life. And while restorative dental procedures might not be as pleasurable as a procedure like teeth whitening, with restoration, we resolve and remove pain and restore oral health.

We encourage you to jump over to our About Us page and schedule a time to meet with us. We are conveniently located for most people within Trenton and we have made sure that we have created an environment that will lead to a comfortable experience. We’re looking forward to meeting you.