Professional Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Trenton

Cosmetic dentists have been whitening teeth for patients for years, as this is the number 1 cosmetic request.

veneersWhile there are many paths leading to your destination of a better smile, whiter teeth seems to be the one thing that we can all agree on that gives us all a better overall feeling.

Now, the debate will forever be, “What is the best teeth whitener?”

And while this isn’t the most difficult question to answer, it really depends on your objectives.

If you want to have something simple that you can do on your own, teeth whitening at home has become a real option with many of the over-the-counter products produced by the large toothpaste manufacturers. Simply visit a local drug store and ask the pharmacist what they recommend. There will be many options.

However, what you need to understand about these home solutions is that they are very temporary and will need to be continually repeated.

A longer term solution, laser teeth whitening can lighten your teeth between 5 and 10 shades from your current teeth color. That is significant! And, for those who are continually on the move, this can be done in one dental session!

If looking for longer lasting results, and you prefer to not have to administer your own at home solution, laser whitening may be a fantastic option for you to consider.

As time marches on, your teeth will once again begin to discolor and you will want to visit your dentist again to discuss undergoing this procedure again. However, the more you avoid coffee, soda, and cigarettes, the longer your teeth will remain very white.

Veneer Dental Solutions for Those Folks Looking For a Longer Term Solution

Now, if you are looking for an even longer-term solution, and are prepared to pay a little more to achieve this result, the cost of dental veneers might be your overall best investment.

Not only are veneers a quick teeth whitening procedure, but they are the longest term solution as well.

Teeth whiteningAs with most dental procedures, veneers for teeth have become a lot more affordable as the procedures have been refined and the cost of materials have been reduced.

While porcelain veneers cost the most of all the solutions, they are also considered by most to be the best overall material to use. They also last the longest. Porcelain teeth are now more of a reality than at any point in history, and many of the top veneer brands have opted to use porcelain due to its overall durability.

Veneer teeth overlays are a great way to immediately improve your smile and a simple process as well. In fact, if you’d like to enjoy the benefit of veneers, but would prefer to keep your costs down a little, composite resin material is a fantastic alternative to porcelain.

Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile

Listen, we all want to have a great smile, and there has never been a better time to engage in a procedure to help you achieve this better smile. Who could have imagined that veneers would have ever been invented?

What about the dramatic advancements in both chemicals and the laser to be combined to give us 10 shades whiter teeth in mere hours? What about gum or tooth contouring procedures that have become not only affordable, but relatively painless?

Yes, today, like no other, is a great time to get that perfect smile that you have desired for years.

Simply jump on over to our “About us” page and schedule an initial consultation. We’ll sit down and outline your personal objectives. We’ll outline a straightforward plan so that we are clear about the goals, and we’ll identify the costs and time to achieve these results.

While cosmetic dentistry is not for everyone, there are many of us that are ready to take our smile to the next level. However, with that said, if you are suffering from any form of oral healthcare problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay, or you simply have a filling that needs repairing, we strongly advise that you first take care of these issues before engaging in any form of cosmetic procedures. We can discuss all of these issues during the consult.

Schedule your consultation today, we’re looking forward to meeting you!