Should I Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cary NC?

If your wisdom teeth are in pain, removal might be necessary. But wisdom teeth removal is usually a preventive situation.

If you are already of age and have had wisdom teeth for many years, removing them now will be extensive and hard. After a tooth is set in place, it is locked in place by the jawbone which grows stronger and stronger. Therefore, the best time to remove the wisdom teeth is while they are growing in, or before.

So who is a good candidate for wisdom tooth removal?

No one can say for sure without looking at X-rays. These will let a dentist see inside the gums and jaw to determine how the wisdom teeth are growing.

A dentist will recommend wisdom tooth removal if:

  • Growing wisdom teeth will negatively impact the surrounding teeth. Tooth pain and bite issues may be possible.
  • Sinus problems can be caused by a congested mouth causing pressure and congestion in the nasal cavity.
  • Alignment works that you have had already such as braces or replacement teeth may be at risk by the impaction of the incoming wisdom teeth.

These teeth take time to grow and thus provide a long time to decide if removal is appropriate for you or someone in your family.

How To Handle a Dental Emergency

  • For a chipped or broken tooth: Save any pieces of the tooth that you can and rinse the mouth with warm salted water. If there is bleeding, apply gauze and use a cold compress to relieve pain.
  • Toothaches: Ensure that there is nothing lodged in the teeth or gums, and apply a cold compress. Do not apply painkillers directly to gums.
  • Dislodgement of tooth: If a tooth is knocked out, ensure it is cleansed of any dirt particles and be sure to hold it by the crown (the part that is usually exposed). Try to put it back in place and if not possible to do so gently, place it in milk. Time is of the essence to see a dentist and have to tooth reinserted!

Keep our number handy for any emergency situations. As a Cary dentist, our goal is to provide the best care for patients when we can. You want to always be prepared for what is thrown at you. Also consider dental insurance for these types of situations, they may save you thousands if an event were to arise.

We ensure you are well informed and prepared for all situations that may arise. Schedule an introductory appointment and come see what we mean!