Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening in Cary NC

Are you considering whitening your teeth a few shades? If you’re like most Americans, you consider a smile to be one of your best assets. And there is no reason why having stained or slightly yellowed teeth should be permanent. Many solutions are able to improve your smile.

In our practice, we offer teeth whitening and veneers.

These two are among the most popular treatments that Hollywood and the stars implement to look their best on-screen.

Cosmetic dentistry is complex and can be considered highly artistic, but it remains embedded on strong scientific foundations.

teeth whiteningPorcelain veneers are an option that not only will produce a brilliant white smile, but can also mold the existing smile into one that is perfectly crafted to your desire. Veneers are thin sheets or porcelain that we are able to apply to the outside of teeth. They form into any desired shape and can hide otherwise misshapen teeth or other detriments to your smile.

If you’re considering some over-the-counter products, many people have success with these such products.

It all depends on your current situations. Deeply embedded stains from years of smoking and drinking coffee might not be removed from simple OTC solutions. For this reason, you are best off if you ask us about your situation before beginning an in-home tooth whitening treatment.

For an immediate and longer lasting solution, we suggest stopping drinking wines, coffees, and other staining foods. Smoking also should be stopped immediately.

If you’re only looking to whiten a few shades, we will suggest holistic approaches first. The best whitening toothpaste are ones that contain hydrogen peroxide. While a bit abrasive, you must use with caution.

Brushing once or twice a week with baking soda is a great solution, and combining it with apple cider vinegar is even better yet. We’ve found that it can make teeth a bit sensitive, so take care not to overdo it!

Check with your dental insurance before considering your options. Sometimes with full dental care, you might be able to get some benefits for the whitening process, but not always. Therefore you will likely have to pay out of pocket for these elective processes.

To speak with a professional, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are happy to explain your options based on your current dental health. To learn more about preventive dental care and possibly removing wisdom teeth, see our Preventive dental page.

You can meet with us at a convenient time for you and we can discuss your options!