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    Looking For A New Dentist To Care For Your Family in Gary Indiana?

    We serve the residents and the overall community, and we invite you to learn more about us and our dental practice in Gary, Indiana.

    dental insuranceWhen asked by our friends and family members the different considerations to think of when choosing a “dentist near me” to work with, we created these webpage to directly answer these questions.

    However, before we dive into a simple checklist of considerations, we’d suggest that if you don’t like the dentist, or can’t communicate well with a dentist, this is a very simple way to scratch them off your list! We need to have both an open line of communication with our doctors, while also ensuring that there is an inherent level of trust. Without these two ingredients, the dentist/patient relationship is doomed to failure.

    Here is a List of Some Things to Consider

    Let’s quickly outline some of the things to consider if you can looking to find a new family or pediatric dentist for you and your family to begin working with.

    • What is the dentist’s office hours? If their office hours match your work schedule, meaning that you can leave a bit early or go in to the office a little bit late, perfect. However, there are some dentists that have had their practices for a long time and they now work condensed schedules. Sometimes it is very difficult to coordinate with this type of a schedule.
    • Where is the dentist located? Are they in a part of town that you feel safe in? Can you access the location with limited difficulty?
    • Sure, of course the dentist has gone to dental school, but what type of specialized training do they have? Depending on your personal situation, specialized training may or may not be a consideration.
    • As with most things, dental procedures and the technology being used within dentistry at large is continually changing. Is your dentist candidate staying up with the times? Sure, of course they can solve your toothache, but how committed are they to ensuring that they are up to date with all of the current advancements?
    • While we just outlined above that your dentist candidate has gone to dental school, have they passed the requisite board certifications in Indiana? You’ll want to verify this.
    • Does the dentist engage in restorative dental procedures? While you might not be a candidate for dentures today, getting affordable dentures will be difficult if your candidate doesn’t do a lot of this type of work.
    • What about cosmetic dentistry? With teeth whitening pretty much commonplace these days, you’ll want to ensure that they perform this type of procedure.
    • What is the dentist’s opinion and business approach to preventive dentistry? Do they sit down with all new patients and outline an approach to ensuring the best overall oral healthcare as well as address the role of the patient? This is critical.
    • If you should have to undergo any type of dental surgery, even as simple as a root canal, what certification level do they have for the different types of anesthesia they can administer? While this might not matter today, it may become a factor down the road.
    • What happens when you have a dental emergency? Do you have a formal outline of what to do and how to do it? While they might not be an emergency dentist and while we don’t want emergencies, they happen and we need to be prepared.  What’s the plan?
    • Do you have dental insurance? What types of plans does the dentist candidate belong to?
    • Have you ever missed a dentist appointment in the past? Some dental offices get downright hostile! What is the agreement for missed appointments?

    Once you’ve visited the Dentist’s Office

    • Once you have gone through your initial consultation with the dentist and their staff, what is your overall opinion? How did it go?
    • Does the office team perform in a professional manner? Are they communicative yet maintain a strong degree of professionalism?
    • Is the office clean and sterile? Is the staff outfitted with protective gear?
    • Were specific procedures suggested for you once you completed the initial consultation? Will you need a payment plan? Was one offered?

    implantsWhile this may not be an exhaustive checklist of considerations, we feel that if you have the answers to these questions, you’ll most likely be able to identify a dentist that you will be able to gel with for years to come.

    We have put forth tremendous energy to ensure we are able to answer all of these questions ourselves in a way that makes us proud to serve Gary. As a pillar within the community, it’s important that we’re able to ensure we are able to provide the best dental care possible, while also providing this care at the most affordable price to our patients.

    We encourage you to get in touch with us today and invite you to fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment. This will be our initial meeting to determine if we are a good match. We believe that you will be happy with the outcome of that meeting.

    We look forward to meeting you!