Cosmetic Dentistry is More Than Whiter Teeth in Bloomington

While standard teeth whitening is the most common procedure discussed when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, it is certainly not the only procedure available.

professional teeth whiteningContouring and reshaping of both the teeth as well as the gums have become extremely popular procedures as technological advancements have brought down overall costs.

Do you have teeth that aren’t very well aligned and don’t wish to have braces for a year or more? Tooth contouring might very well be your answer.

When you smile, would you prefer to see less of your gums and more of your teeth? Gum contouring has become one of the most popular procedures of the 21st century.

While most dental insurance plans do not cover any form of Cosmetic Dentistry, with a well-outlined strategy, we’ve been able to provide multiple solutions for our patients here in Bloomington.

Professional Cosmetic Solutions

If you asked a 100 people, 99 would say that the most-viewed element of a nice smile is white teeth. And while the question, “How to whiten teeth,” looms large, the answers to that question have grown over the past few years with new products and procedures that weren’t available just a few short years ago.

Lumineers, a leading product within the overall veneers solution category have literally taken the market by storm. Not only are they very affordable, they are super easy to execute…. In most cases within 2 simple dental visits.

lumineersWhile veneers cost about $250 and up per tooth, depending on the type of material you use (from the less expensive composite resin, to the more expensive porcelain materials), Lumineers generally cost a bit more. The main reason for the increased costs are due to the money that has been put into R&D of the overall Lumineers technology.

With that said, overall the veneer teeth look and feel is a fantastic one, and a look that will dramatically improve virtually any smile.

Granted, there are many less expensive solutions such as teeth whitening strips that are sold over the counter at your local pharmacy. However, then thing that you need to recognize is that even with the best whitening strips, this is a process that you will have to continuously engage in, unlike the best teeth whitening products and procedures.

Dental Plans to Ensure the Best Oral Healthcare and Most Beautiful Smile

There are literally hundreds of dental plans available to Bloomington, Indiana residents. Many different insurance carriers have access to dozens of similar plans with very subtle differences based on a few simple changes.

teeth whiteningHere is where it is important to talk to a dentist to see what type of plan makes the most amount of sense for you and your family.

How often does your family need to see a dentist? Are you single and just need to care for yourself? Well, then 2 times per year, especially if you have fantastic current oral health, won’t cost you much money at all.

With the right dental plan, you can reduce your overall out of pocket expense for many of the restorative and preventive dentistry procedures, like gingivitis care; however, in most cases, most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered. That doesn’t mean that these procedures are expensive or unaffordable; in fact, in working with residents of Bloomington for the past several years, we have built many programs to ensure that anyone that wants a procedure can pretty much get what they want, affordably.

If you are considering a Cosmetic dental procedure, we’d like you to explore our pages here, read the reviews from many of our extremely satisfied patients, then head over to our About Us page and schedule an initial consultation.

We’ll meet, talk about your cosmetic dentistry thoughts, and outline a plan to meet your objectives! We’re very much looking forward to meeting you.