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    Checklist of Top Considerations When Seeking a New Dentist in Bloomington

    bloomington-inWhen an individual or family determines that it is time to seek a new dentist for all of their dentistry needs, there are many considerations to weigh.

    Over the years we have been asked many questions about these determining factors, so we decided to put together a simple and easy to follow checklist that will make things very easy for folks to follow.

    So, prior to ever visiting and meeting the staff of the clinic, there are several initial factors to consider. Let’s walk through those now.

    New Dentist Checklist

    • Schedule. The dentists’ hours of operation must be convenient to meet the needs of your family. If you or other family members have specific hours that you are available, this should be one of the very first factors to weigh. If seeking a pediatric dentist for your young daughter that has piano lessons every afternoon from 3pm to 4:30pm and the dentist closes their office at 3:30pm every day… this will obviously not work.
    • Location.The next consideration is to weigh where the clinic is located. Think about it, if you and any member of your family is engaged in a more extensive procedure such as a root canal or needing dental implants, having the clinic on the other side of town, in an out of the way location might prove to be extremely inconvenient and turn into an unnecessary burden.
    • Knowledge. Next, you’ll want to consider the training of the dentists you are reviewing. Do they have the type of training that you or your family will need? Are you older and require someone that has expertise with dentures? Do you have a young family with the need for someone to work with your children? The education and training of the dentists you are reviewing should match your dental needs.
    • Ongoing Education. This factor is huge. How does the team view continuing education? Are they trained with the more progressive procedures or are they living in the past? If the dentist in Bloomington isn’t letting the community know what they are doing to continually educate themselves and their staff, this is most likely a dental practice that will not meet your overall needs.

    Additional Considerations – State Board Certifications and View of Preventive Dentistry

    • Certifications. Yes, of course your dental candidates have all went to dental school, but what state board certifications have they qualified for? Now, this is only relevant if you or one of your family members has or will have specific oral healthcare needs that require special qualifications.
    • Long-Term Planning. What does the clinic do to promote proactive preventive dental care? Do they project a message of preventive care as something they take seriously? It is extremely important that you work with a dentist that has a specific plan for preventive dentistry.
    • Experience. Are you or any of your family member’s candidates for oral surgery? If you answer yes, what certification does the dentist have to administer anesthesia?
    • Emergency Plan. Regardless of the best planning, emergencies happen. How will dental emergencies happen with the dental offices you are considering? This is an important determining factor.
    • Insurance Plans. What about dental insurance programs? What programs does the dentist participate in? This will be a determining factor if you are carrying specific insurance already.
    • Policies. What type of internal policies or procedures does the clinic have if you miss an appointment? Are you charged?

    Once You Have Visited the Dental Clinic in Bloomington

    While you may be seeking a new dentist for any number of reasons such as teeth whitening or you noticed the start of gingivitis forming, the most important question that you need to answer now that you have met the dentist and the staff… do you like these people?

    • Do You Like Them. Bear in mind that you should be visiting these folks every 6 months for years to come, do you like them? Do you get along with them? Does your family like them?
    • Your Experience. How would you characterize your overall visit? Was the staff courteous and focused on treating all of the patients in the waiting room with care and respect?
    • Hygiene. Was the office itself clean and organized in a professional manner?
    • Price Transparency. If specific restorative issues were identifies like a form of gum disease or a crown is required, was an estimated price outlined with you? Are you considering a form of cosmetic dentistry, like putting on Lumineers to improve your smile? Can you make payments to cover these costs?

    How Do We Rate On the Scale Of The Factors Being Weighed?

    Having served as a top dentist in Bloomington, Indiana community for years, we are pleased to announce that we are very proud of the results we have achieved within our city. We are happy when new folks who are considering us read the reviews from a many extremely satisfied patients.

    From our location to our office hours we have taken significant steps to ensure we serve our community in the most professional way possible.

    We invite you to schedule your initial consultation and be sure to bring your evaluation scorecard, as we are certain to score very high! We look forward to meeting you!