All About The Root Canal in Sunrise, Florida

Often times our patients are the most afraid of losing teeth. For whatever reason teeth are extracted, solutions for replacing missing teeth are straightforward, simple, and surprisingly affordable.

emergency dentistPerhaps you are only looking to replace a few missing teeth, below is a list of dental solutions to help you.

The two dreaded words everybody hates to hear, root canal.

Whether you knew it or not, a tooth is a living part of your body, and the interior of the tooth has soft material consisting of pulp, veins, and nerves. Sometimes when the tooth becomes infected, or the nerve is exposed, a dentist will have to remove the interior living part of the tooth.

What Exactly Are Dental Crown and Caps?

If there is a breakage in the tooth, or a large part has been removed due to decay or an infection, the crown may be a good solution for you. Dental crown cost is relatively low, due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure.

Price can vary depending on the material that you elect for your crown. You can have a composite crown which is very sturdy but might not look 100% like a real tooth. A better alternative are porcelain crowns. They are a bit more expensive but they look and feel exactly like your natural tooth would.

How To Implant Dental Teeth

Implants for teeth that have been removed or lost (or stolen) can be installed at a low dental implants cost. How permanent dental implants work is by drilling through the gum line, into the jawbone, and installing a titanium rod that connects an artificial tooth into the jawbone.

This process is done under sedation dentistry, providing you with the inability to feel the invasive process. Dental implants cost is dependent on:

  • You overall oral health
  • If you’re looking for multiple teeth or just a single tooth implant
  • Material of teeth implants – composite, porcelain, and even gold teeth

A low cost of dental implants is available if you have full coverage dental insurance.

When To Implant Dentures?

Dentures are a solution if you have had widespread loss of teeth or are looking to replace a full upper or lower set of your pearly whites.  A set of affordable partial dentures cost should usually be covered under your family dental insurance plan, and thus will be an easy option for your family to decide.

Dentures are a molded and formed set of teeth that are usually removable. The way they stick to the gum line is by using a bonding adhesive. Dentures are stain resistant, meaning no more worrying about teeth whitening!


wisdom teeth removalTooth extractions are not always due to dire circumstances. There are situations in which teeth are extracted for elective reasons. An oddly shaped or unattractive tooth can be removed in favor of forming a better looking and more functional tooth.

In addition, growing teeth may cause the impaction and the unsettling of other teeth already existing in your mouth. In this case, wisdom teeth removal is often recommended, especially in the case of people who are just beginning to grow their wisdom teeth.

Tooth extraction cost is quite affordable to those with and without dental care. Often times by having a tooth removed before a problem arises, you’re saving yourself lots of toothaches, and headaches of how to deal with a complex and painful procedure that would otherwise be unnecessary.

If you are considering having any of the above mentioned procedures done, we suggest you look for cheap dental insurance plans that can help subsidize the cost of these works that will help your smile improve.

And be sure to contact us for an initial consultation where we can take a look at your oral history, and discuss what we can do to help you and your family keep your whites pearly and healthy.