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    A New Dental Office For Your 24 Hour Dentist Needs in Sunrise

    We hope that we have provided enough value in our pages to give you insight into the kinds of procedures we handle, and for you to  relate to our philosophy of dental care.

    pediatric-dentistryWith most dental insurance plans you are told who your dentist will be or  are given a list of dentists and told to choose one. Beyond doing any basic research how are you supposed to choose between them all?

    Just by how you like the sound of the name? No, this is inefficient and not effective.

    When looking for dentists near me, I would start by asking friends and neighbors for their choice in a local professional. If this option is not available you can start your search online.

    Hopefully you’re not in the process of a dental emergency and are not looking for a 24 hour dentist at 2am! While we do provide emergency dental care, we are much more focused in providing comprehensive restorative and preventive health services.

    Our affordable dental clinic in Sunrise, Florida is located in the center of town and provides easy access for everybody. Which is important, because if you have a family a centrally-located office will provide a ease in getting in and out.

    Some of our most common procedures include:

    • Root canals. Our caring practice is educated on actually providing information on our procedures.  Questions like what is a root canal need to be answered before your sit down and we begin drilling.
    • Tooth replacement and repair a broken teeth. Dental crown cost is most affordable when looking to replace one or a few broken teeth.
    • Care for gingivitis and other types of gum disease can be expertly administered by our office. Gum health is extremely important.
    • Cosmetic dentistry. More popular than ever, we can help craft a more perfect smile using porcelain veneers and teeth whitening.

    Please feel free to browse our other pages. In addition to our page on the best dentist in Sunrise Florida, we provide information on toothache remedies, dental insurance insights, and some types of cosmetic treatments that we offer.

    dentistIf you have any more questions on any of the procedures that we offer in our office, do not hesitate to talk to use. Our number one priority is our clients’ dental health, and we take each person on a case-by-case basis and treat them with their maximum benefit in mind.

    This can only be done once we have a good relationship with our patient and are able to see them multiple times per year. In this way a long term relationship is formed, allowing for you to take preventive care of your dental health. There is an inverse relationship between the amount of visits per year and the cost for overall dental health.

    This means that the more visits you have per year, for routine procedures and evaluations, the lower your cost of overall dental care will be.

    We look to set the mold for dentists in Sunrise, Florida by spreading our philosophy. There is a form on this page that will allow you to set up a free consultation or reach out to us for any reason.

    We hope that we can share our philosophy with you and your family.