Affordable Port St. Lucie Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Whether you have any one of the many individual discount dental plans, you deserve to have the dental care you need without having to jumps through hoops. Affordable dental care without insurance should be a basic right, and we pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward when it comes to necessity of treatment and the accompanying costs you will incur.

root canalIf you have a PPO dental insurance or indemnity service, we are most likely able to work with you. HMO plans holders only need to send us an email or check their in-network data sheet.

While we collaborate with many of the most popular care providers, there is a change we are not in-network with yours. If this is the case, search the web to find out the local scene and identify an office that can be your primary oral health professional. Begin by asking people within your insurance provider plan or search online. These are good search terms to start looking online:

  • dentist for kids near me
  • kids pediatric dentist near me
  • 24 hour dentist

These will give you results of the dentists in your area that are on the web. From there, question whether or not they are in-network with your insurance plan. Then the next step is to visit the office and make the final decision as to whether or not they meet your criteria for a dental office.

The right dentist should be able to provide all basic services and answer questions related to all of them.. Ask the following questions when meeting with a dentist in the area:

  • “What can I expect a root canal cost to be?”
  • “Do you offer wisdom teeth removal and what is the procedure like?”
  • “What do I do when I have a dental emergency dentist situation outside of office hours?”
  • “Do you have a trusted 24 hour emergency dentist in your network of professionals if I need emergency dental care?”
  • “Are affordable dental implants care something that your office is capable to provide?”
  • “What is the range of permanent dentures cost? What about denture implants and All on 4 dental implants cost?”
  • “How long does a tooth implant take to install compared to teeth bridge and dental crowns?”
  • How much are dental implants coupled with an emergency tooth extraction?”

These apply to us as well.

Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, root canals, or gum disease treatment, we provide all general dentistry services. Visit our office and meet with us to see if we are the right fit for your oral needs.