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We seek to be the local dentist for the residents of Port St Lucie who are seeking value and quality in their dental works. Affordable dental care without insurance is available in our office; treatment that will maintain, restore, or build your smile to exactly how you want it.

“I was new to the area. I was looking for a dentist for kids near me who could provide pediatric dentistry for my young children. I also have tooth implants, so I needed dental offices near me who could cater to a wide range of services. Luckily I had a friendly neighbor who directed me to the best dental offices near me in Port St Lucie.” – Richard G.

“I needed access to a pediatric dentist near me for my daughter and a 24 hour dentist in Port St Lucie that was willing to accept individual discount dental plans and work with me on veneers cost. Thankfully I found you guys, never looked back.” – Paul N.

affordable family dentistMeet The Team

We want to be the go to source for recommendations when someone asks their colleague about the ‘best kids pediatric dentist near me’. For this reason, we are always on top of our game. From A to Z, our service sets standards that other adult and kids dentist offices would never implement.

All of our systems are built with you in mind. From the way our receptionists and front desk staff are trained on the many ways to welcome and greet our patients to the way in which they handle and explain the cost of discount dental insurance plans. Affordable dental insurance is important to our patients and as a result, we make sure that you receive your maximum amount of benefits possible.

Our Office & Who We Serve

Providing affordable family dentistry is possible because we have trained and studied under professional institutions that excel in mentoring family dentists. This allows us to understand how toddlers’ teeth grow in and the best practices in indoctrinating kids into the world of dentistry. After children grow through cavities and the occasional emergency dental care, we remain with them into young adulthood where they are candidates for braces and wisdom teeth removal.

Then, as patients age into adults with their own health, dental and vision insurance programs, we can remain the professional for contact and care. Remaining by your family’s side through emergency tooth extraction and providing affordable dental implants care in the case you need either of these.

Then in wise age years, we can provide a permanent dentures cost that will not horrify you when you receive the bill. Teeth will naturally age, and receiving periodic teeth bleaching is common in order to deal with the effects that natural processes and dieting have on the shades of the teeth.

The cost of dental implants is something that most elderly will have to think about if they have had to remove one or more teeth; we make it a goal to provide the information to make a wise choice.

First Office Visit and Restorations

Once you visit our office for the first time, we will start with an initial exam. If you have dire need for a particular treatment we should be able to begin right away. Otherwise, we will start by digging around and ensuring that everything is the way it should be.

affordable dentures

  1. First Step: Oral Evaluation– This means x-rays, a teeth cleaning, and oral evaluation to make sure there is no gingivitis or gum disease. Perhaps you already have some kind of false teeth, in this case we will ensure they are in good condition or perform regular maintenance.
  2. Second Step: Tooth pain relief. If you have tooth pain, we will try and identify the cause and implement a treatment to remedy the issue. If you are interested in what causes bad breath or are seeking a cure for toothache this is where we address these kinds of issues. Gingivitis treatment is implemented and explanations and demonstrations for how to avoid further gum infection.
  3. Third Step: At this point we will let you know about our dental emergency dentist policy, allowing you to find access to our network 24 hour emergency dentist. If you have a serious issue during our normal hours, you are welcome to visit us right away.
  4. Fourth Step: If you are in need of a restorative dental procedure, we will investigate possible treatments and possibly begin the first day- depending on your timing and oral health. Dental crowns and cracked tooth pain can be addressed at this point and treatments are able to commence. Sometimes a more intricate process will be need to be rescheduled for a second visit, allowing us to prep the treatment or revisit your dental history. We know that a root canal cost can be hard to deal with unexpectedly so when these types of procedures are necessary, we work with you on a flexible payment process.

Dental Implants and Denture Appliances

Once you are past the restorative works that cure dental disease or remove advanced stages of tooth decay, we can begin by installing replacement teeth.

Even with the best dental health plans and PPO dental insurance, you may still be on your own in regards of payments fore these types of procedures. As a result, we recommend you understand your coverage details before proceeding with treatment.

Replacement of a missing tooth can be done by several different methods.

  • Single tooth implant. This is a method takes many months of visits and follow ups. First, we scout the area and implant a titanium root in through the gum and into the jaw bone. Then while the bone integrates this new metal, our laboratory is creating the tooth crown (the structure that will be seen by the outside world). Once the gums heal, we implant this permanent crown into place and you’re all set to enjoy the ideal tooth for the rest of your time.
  • Denture implants and removable dentures. Rather than a single tooth implant, we can also install a denture set that will cover many or all of your pre-existing teeth.
  • Teeth Bridge- A less invasive procedure that uses the surrounding teeth for support.

How much are dental implants without insurance is a tough question to answer without first analyzing the situation in your mouth. There are many factors that alter the type of solution and final cost. You will have to visit the office for a quote on these types of solutions. The All on 4 dental implants cost is another one we are asked about quite frequently. As a trademarked service that results in excellent results, we often suggest to patients, but one that must be priced in office after an exam.

Cosmetic Dentistry And Ways We Improve Smiles

wisdom teeth removalThe way we whiten smiles is through teeth whitening. This in office approach is quick and painless. Extremely streamlined and guaranteed to deliver dramatic results. The laser teeth whitening cost is super affordable as the techniques and tools to deliver the treatment are more affordable than ever.

Reforming a smile can be done through dental veneers. This treatment will remove existing enamel and encase the teeth in a kind of porcelain shell. This shell is molded to fit each and every tooth, reforming the shape and function of your smile. Cost of porcelain veneers is high and usually not covered by any kind of dental plans.

For cheaper methods that you can do at home, we suggest teeth whitening products such as teeth whitening strips or gels. They provide results, but meager compared to an in-office treatment. Speak with us before hand to ensure your oral health makes you a good candidate!

The Next Step For Your Oral Health

The rest of the pages on our site are full of information regarding the procedures that are most common in Port St Lucie, Florida.

Now that we’ve explained our treatments, procedures, and the way in which we dedicate ourselves to your overall dental health, what left is there for us to do? The action comes to you, fill out our contact form with your information and what kind of visit you are looking for. Perhaps you just have a few questions, are looking to soothe tooth pain, or check if we accept your dental provider. Either way, we are here to offer a free consultation for you to explore your options in a low-pressure environment.