I Want Hollywood-White Teeth…But In Florida!

veneersWatching TV at home and movies in theaters gives us a false impression of what a real smile is. The actors you see on the news and on the movie screen have heavily-altered smiles, if they are not altered by computer editing programs. Our natural teeth are given to us by our genes and that shade of white is what is natural for us.

Natural habits such as diet and smoking may lead to keep losing their natural vibrancy. If this has happened in your case, a smile makeover is something that we are highly equipped to deal with.  Those patients who have less-than-average overall oral health are not good candidates for cosmetic dentistry yet. This means patients who have had a long history of cavities, fillings, and gingivitis, are not ideal candidates for cosmetic works until we get their mouth and gums back up to good levels.

How to whiten teeth has been a question that has plagued humans for centuries, and only now for the first time has cosmetic dentistry been accessible to the masses.

Due to huge leaps in the advancement of tools and procedures we are able to offer our clients a quick an painless solution to whitening teeth in just one or two dentist visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Is It Affordable?

The Hollywood actors that you see, besides making millions of dollars per film, their studios are paying for their cosmetic treatments. They have either had their teeth whitened or have had veneers installed.

Some common questions we get regarding cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening are:

  • How much are veneers?  Veneers can run anywhere from $500-$6000, depending on how many teeth you’re looking to include in the procedure and your existing dental record.
  • What are veneers? Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that cover the existing teeth to form an ideal shape and white smile.
  • Why do Lumineers cost more than veneers? Lumineers are a pricier alternative to veneers because they are much more thin in nature, requiring more expertise and a more expensive material to craft the installation pieces.
  • Are even the best whitening strips comparable to in office teeth whitening? You can experience good results from over-the-counter products, but we have seen results of up to eight shades wider by our in office procedures. We have never heard of such results from a take-home kit.
  • Is tooth veneer cost going to be covered by my insurance? Considered a cosmetic an elective procedure, tooth veneers are rarely covered by dental insurance unless you have additional cosmetic insurance care.

Teeth Whitening Options and Products

gum diseaseSafe teeth whitening is always those processes that are done by a professional dental provider. This means having a professional teeth whitening session in your dental clinic is going to provide not only the best results but also ensure that no damage will affect your gums or your overall oral health.

Teeth whitening products can often make ridiculous claims on a advertising commercials. While teeth whitening is a proven science, over-the-counter products can make larger claims than they are able to back up.

In addition to teeth whitening, veneers should only be done by those dentists that are highly experienced and are able to craft highly exact and form-fitting pieces.  Our experience serving hundreds of clients with veneers over the years has given us the know-how to deal with all types of teeth.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, try to understand your underlying desire and form a cost analysis using a pro and con datasheet.

Speaking to one of our cosmetic dentists will provide valuable insight and give you a larger understanding of the treatment. In order to set up one of these complementary consultations, you can contact us through the appointment request form on our “About Us” page.