Affordable Walk-In Dentist Office in Lakeland

If you’re looking for a variety of dental services we are proud to offer free consultations to address your needs and see if we can work together on your oral health.

dental discount plansIf you’re looking for basic, sporadic, walk-in appointments, we are happy to service those clients who prefer to not be tied down with schedules. However, this poses a problem. As one of the premier local dentist offices in Lakeland, FL, our schedule is usually jam-packed and does not provide for those who would like an appointment when they want it.

Because we offer low cost, affordable dental care with tremendous value, we are often the recommended source for local dental offices when a friend asks a friend for a trusted dental professional. We are an educated and experienced group of dental surgeons, dental hygienists, oral specialists, and front desk staff members, who strive to promote the best oral health for each one of our patients.

If you are also looking for an emergency dentist to cater to an urgent matter, we are happy to make time and put you in a priority position. The customers who are waiting for their appointments are often very patient and can reason with the immediate nature of your arrival.

Our gift for expert dental care is accompanied by a friendly, courteous, and welcoming office ambiance. We also know the importance of your insurance and work with dental insurance plans.

Family Dental Care And Pediatric Dentist

We call ourselves a family dentistry because we are skilled in providing care for clients of all ages. When you are looking for a dentist near me who can provide care for yourself, your children, an elderly parent, we never shy away.

Our practice is not a 24 hour dentist provider, but we are very flexible in arranging for appointments that can fit your schedule, as well as are in the local network of dentists and can guide you to an emergency provider when that need arises. We understand the conundrum that if all people are working during office hours, then nobody would be able to visit our office for their dental needs!

If you are experiencing an emergency situation, as our patient, you have nothing to worry about. It is our goal to provide you the resources and tools you will need in the event that a dental emergency is to happen to you or a family member.

Our Practice

Our philosophy  on dental care has been carefully laid out in our pages on this website.

gingivitisLet’s consider you are a new patient visiting our office for the first time.  First, we will ensure that we can quickly and effectively restore your teeth to a minimum level of what we consider to be optimum dental health.  This may include applying fillings, replacing or repairing affordable dentures, ridding the mouth of tooth decay, and guaranteeing the overall oral health.

Next we will council and educate you on the methods for preventive dental care. The strategies will prevent your mouth from suffering from advanced diseases like gum disease and thrush.

Our restorative and preventive methods are encouraged and provided for by most dental discount plans. This ensures that your basic care is covered.

Once you have taken your own oral health into your own hands with regular habitual hygiene and cleaning, you’re now able to explore the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.  These elective procedures include teeth whitening and veneers. Both of which will dramatically enhance the look and feel of your smile.

If you have any questions about our methods or about any process that is spoken about on our website, there is a contact form on our “About Us” page. If you reach out to us we can schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss you or your families oral health.