Teeth Whitening With An Affordable Family And Cosmetic Dentistry in Gainesville

Looking for the best method for how to whiten teeth? Everyday there are dozens of ads around town, on TV, in your cell phone all telling you that white teeth are easy!

teeth whiteningBleaching teeth in office is the best method to do this. Sure, it’s the most expensive compared to the kind of products you find in a pharmacy (sure, these also work). In-office procedures guarantee that a dentist is supervising and making sure the abrasive agents don’t ruin the rest of your mouth.

In addition, we handle porcelain veneers and provide dramatic results when reforming a person’s smile. Porcelain veneers cost is well worth the out of pocket price you will pay. Dental veneers cost is rarely if ever covered by your dental insurance provider, unless you have a supplemental cosmetic plan.

We enjoy giving a patient’s smile a new image and we do this by offering extreme value with tooth veneers. Just because insurance will not cover the cost does not mean you aren’t able to afford the procedure. There is no kind of price you can put on your smile and the confidence that is a direct result.

Apart from finding coverage to provide for your cosmetic needs, here are some ways to find a plan that will cover your other basic needs. Remember that preventive and restorative dental care are far more important and necessary then anything cosmetic. Avoiding gingivitis, gum disease, and tooth decay should be priority number one.

Best Dental Insurance For You

Consider the following:

  • Do you engage in activities that might cause some trauma or breakage of teeth?
  • Does your family have a history of dental issues? Things like oral cancer, misaligned bite, or other hereditary issues can increase the risk that these same things occur with you.
  • Do you have a history of advanced dental works that will need upgrading or maintenance in the future?
  • Do you enjoy going to the dentist for routine evaluations?
  • Are you elderly and looking for replacement of teeth?

Considering all these questions and others will lead you to the dental insurance for a single person or a whole household. Think about the age of your family and their upcoming needs. Having a higher premium generally means that you will have more coverage and spend less when a dire situation arises.

Remember, the best dental plan is one that provides for preventative care with low premiums while having the option for emergency dental services. Broken teeth, thrush, or toothaches can arise at a moments notice and should be covered by your provider.

Schedule a visit to our Gainesville dental office and let’s talk about where you would like to take your smile in the future.