Top Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida

Gatorville has grown in population after many reports of the City of Gainesville being the ‘Best place to live and play.’ Along with the increase in people in the area, we have grown our affordable family and cosmetic dentistry practice by nearly 50% since 2010. Why does our growth beat the growth of the city and area itself?

affordable family dentistryWe have become synonymous with ‘affordable local dentist near me’. This means that our clients are actively spreading the good news of our services as a walk in kids dentist and all around collaborator with dental discount plans. The majority of our customers leave their in-network oral health professional to join our family.

Referrals and recommendations are the leading source of new clients for our dentist office. Our website was created with our current and potential patients in mind; building a site that highlights the most commonly asked questions in Gainesville. We get all types of questions through our contact form, and while some can be answered through correspondence, things like our affordable emergency dental care procedure or what kind of dental plans we partner with to provide adult and kids dental care.

  • “How much do porcelain veneers cost and how to whiten teeth with an in-office procedure?”
  • “If I don’t have dental insurance, what is an emergency tooth extraction cost going to run me?”
  • “I have to find a dentist for kids, is your office tailored to children and are any of the dentists experienced with pediatric care?”

Among our most popular treatments are tooth implants, wisdom teeth removal, and teeth whitening. Because we have perfected the methods to perform these procedures, we are able to provide quick and effective are to our patients. We bring the cost of dental implants to an affordable level, regardless of the dental insurance plan you have (or don’t have!).

Because of the importance that insurance providers hold for families, we take special care to work with providers of our families. In addition to being friendly, knowledgeable, and keen in all things dental, our front office staff keep a firm grips on the reins of coverage. They are quickly able to identify what kind of services you are available for and when you can receive the care you deserve.

Dental Implant Procedure, Affordable Dentures & Root Canal Therapy

When you’re looking for new dentists in your local area, you want them to provide at least a basic range of services, those that someone in your family will likely encounter at some point. We offer the following procedures in addition to dozens more.

  • Root Canal Therapy. Root canals are the result of long standing tooth decay reaching the soft-tissue of a tooth. Root canal price is definitely something you’d like to avoid, and can be done by careful maintenance of your oral health. An infected root canal is not as horrible as people imagine and the result will hardly be noticeable. Because of improvements in technology and treatments, a root canal can be a secret between you and your oral health team.
  • root canalFull and Partial Dentures. Removable dentures have been around for decades and provide a great solution to those looking for a solution to replace many missing teeth. Affordable dentures are one of our specialties. Be sure to ask about denture implants for the next level or replacement teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth removal. Mainly a preventive care tactic, this involves removing the wisdom teeth from the mouth usually before they begin to grow into the mouth. Usually recommended for youth and those who have had or are considering orthodontics.
  • Tooth Restoration.  When a tooth is fractured due to trauma or partially removed because some kind of decay, dental crowns, bonding, porcelain crowns and caps are always available. This is a favorite of ours because it is minimally invasive and preserves as much of the existing tooth as possible, forming a nice replacement.
  • Gum disease treatment. If you arrive to our office with gum disease, we can be sure that you have not been our patient for any amount of time. Our goal as dental professionals is to keep gum disease out of our patients’ mouth. We can diagnose and treat minor gum diseases, for more advanced cases we are able to refer patients to a trusted Periodontist.
  • Bridges. Dental bridge cost can be one of the more affordable ways to replace a missing tooth. It is based on structural support from neighboring teeth. However, a large portion of these adjoining teeth must be removed to complete the procedure.
  • Implants. The most effective and efficient way to replace any missing teeth. Because its our favorite solution, we’ve included it into it’s own section just below. If you are looking to implant more than one tooth, there are solutions for denture implants which implant an appliance that replaces many teeth.

Now all tooth replacement procedures have to account for many factors. Your tolerance to invasive procedures, affordability, oral health, reason why the tooth was removed, location of missing tooth. Do not become too focused on one particular solution because you may come to find out that that treatment is not an option for your situation.


Teeth implants provide the flexibility of having a permanent installation that you never have to remove and clean, or worry about becoming loose during normal activities. It takes place over several months and a few visits to the office, but the results are well worth it. Dental implant procedure cost is relatively high considering that these types of procedures will likely not be covered by your private dental insurance plans. The tooth implant cost can be raised to high levels if your overall oral health is not adequately preserved.

Cosmetic Dental Works and Preventive Care

Before addressing the smile you always wanted, we will have to start by addressing the gums you never knew you needed. Forming a better smile with cosmetics some in second place to the importance of developing a preventive care approach and maintaining overall oral health. Toothaches, gum pain and bad breath can all be signs of a lack of oral care. Therefore, we teach you bad breath remedies and home remedies for toothache that you can implement in your home, preparing to whiten the smile as your oral health reaches the optimal level.

Once you are ready to procedure to cosmetics, we can install porcelain veneers and give the green light for bleaching teeth. Dental veneers cost is not covered by insurance coverage unless you have a cosmetic plan, so we work with patients to build a flexible payment schedule.

Let Us Prove Ourselves

Whether you’re looking for preventive care to maintain your oral health or you are in desperate need of a 24 hour emergency dentist, we are here for you and your family. Browsing out site should provide information on the most common procedure you and your loved ones will likely come across at some point.

wisdom teeth removalWe educate our clients on how to avoid a dental disease that the majority of adults have: Gingivitis. By identifying the signs of gum disease early on, we can help implement solutions that are mainly aimed at changing your hygienic habits. This is before venturing into the gums and cleaning out bacteria.

We are the assurance dental specialists, able to provide toothache remedy advice; always going for holistic and alternative methods that work much better than costly medicines. So if you’re looking to save on the cost of root canal or have one of your teeth replaced with an implanted crown, we can help.

Because of the need for our works and the general lack of coverage that insurances provide, we have become adept at providing financing and payment plans for our patients. Just because you don’t have 100% dental coverage should not mean you have to hide your smile. Confidence is partly derived from your outward appearance and a person’s smile is largely based on the smile.

Schedule Your First Visit

It’s easier than ever to visit our office, as we recently moved to a more central location to facilitate ease of getting in and out. As most of our clients have families, its important to make it easy for them to get in and out from work, school, and other medical hotspots.

Visiting our office will be a quick affair, so for your first initial visit and tour, we are expecting you to be blown away by our new state of the art office. Contact us to get started on the methods that can keep your existing teeth in prime condition.