What Are My Teeth Whitening Options in Coral Springs, FL?

Your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be? What happened? Did they just age overnight? Or did sodas, wines, coffee, and a certain diet negatively impact your smile’s color? It happens to the best of us! You wouldn’t know it but those people you see in movies and on TV also have the same issues as you and I.

They just have larger pocketbooks to decide on professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers!

teeth whiteningNow both of these solutions are available to you because teeth whitening prices are within everyone’s range now! As the demand for care rose, many new procedures were developed and the availability of teeth whitening products are is through the roof!

In office teeth whitening is going to be the most expensive method of whitening teeth and we use UV teeth whitening. This is because expert supervisory care costs us and you both! Visit our office for before and after procedural images that show we know what we are doing!

Over the counter teeth whitening is also an option for you and every one of our patients.  Home bleaching can have impressive results and is performed at your convenience over a few weeks.

Do remember that the existing works you have in your mouth currently will not be whitened in the process. Crowns, dental implants, fillings and bonding will not be treated. In the case you have extensive amounts of dental treatments in your mouth, sometimes veneers are a much better option.

Imagine that you whiten the full mouth but you are still plagued by various dental works that are still the same dull shade of off-white. To avoid this issue, consider dental veneers. These ‘shells’ are a great option that not only cover yellowed teeth but also can alter the appearance that the teeth you have, developing a perfectly formed smile.

When you improve your mouth with veneers you look good and feel better. Self-confidence rises and you will experience a life-changing experience.

To explore these options, visit our office and see the kind of cosmetic works we perform for our patients in Coral Springs, FL. It all begins with an initial consultation that explains the procedures and investigates your oral health. Before proceeding with elective works, you must meet a minimum level of dental health that includes possible wisdom teeth removal, no cavities, and overall good oral health.