Dentist Near Me in Coral Springs, Florida | Our Dental Mission

Our mission is to be an affordable dentist and provide our patients in Coral Springs, FL with the most modern techniques and treatments at a friendly and welcoming office. Not only do we seek to be there for you for scheduled appointments and routine procedures, but also in times of dire need of emergency dental care.

If you are currently having a dental emergency, stop by our office if during office hours or call our phone.

Where We Serve, Who We Serve, Why We Serve

We are the local dentist in Coral Springs who treats toothache pain, consults on porcelain teeth implants cost, can family dentistsuggest the best dental plan for your healthcare, and specializes in painless dentistry. These are just a few of the things we elect to highlight as our offerings.

Before one of our receptionists started living in Florida, she was constantly wondering, “Where is the pediatric dentist near me who can provide service not only to my child to the whole family?” Early on in my career as a dentist, before I had treated over 1000 toothaches, this thought she had gave me a great idea.

Why not offer an office that served as a provider not only for adults and their wishes of whitening teeth, curing periodontal disease and offering dental implant cost affordability, but also to their children. Why not become a root canal dentist for kids in addition to their parents and grandparents? How easy would it be to have the whole family come in at one appointment and get all of their dental needs straightened away? After years of practicing and continuing our education, we are now more capable than ever to cater to the needs of entire families, AT ONCE! We can knock out how ever many family members in one fell swoop!

Where Do We Begin?

In your search to find a dentist, you may not have actually met with one yet. This is an error, as meeting with a dentist that have put on your short list will bring you to finally make a decision!

Starting with a meeting where we get to know each other, visit the office, and allow a dentist in our office to poke around your mouth is the first step to getting started on a journey toward better dental health. If you have some work to be done, we can formulate a treatment plan that will get you started with and of the works below.

What Kinds of Major Works Do We Do

Most providers, even the best dental insurance plans, will have something like a $1000 per year maximum benefit. This is sufficient to cover routine care visits and the occasional x-ray. But definitely not enough to provide care for extreme situations where major dental work is needed.

Our restorative works are treatments that will address complex issues you may have. Do you have:

  • Teeth that are worn down and only a fraction of their former selves?
  • Discolored or stained teeth?
  • Teeth that have broken or been chipped?
  • A long history of cavities, fillings, or tooth decay?
  • Loose teeth?
  • Toothaches in the teeth or supporting gum structures?
  • Inflammation of the gums, bleeding gums?

To address these ailments and issues you may be having, we offer a multitude of solutions. Sometimes the answer is easy and can be implemented the first visit we meet and sometimes the treatment will take place over many visits. We do not do 24 hour dentist work, but when our office is open, we allow for the prioritizing of emergency care.

We offer sedation dentistry for those patients who are overly worried about the procedure and cannot usually stand to have invasive works without some kind of sleep anesthetic.

Rapid Installation and Implementation

  • A dental crown cost will be among the most affordable solutions to a chipped tooth, tooth decay, or broken teeth. Depending on the type of material and complexity of the tooth situation, can be done in one to two visits.
  • As an expert dentist root canal provider, our root canal will be installed in one visit. A follow up procedure is sufficient in a few weeks time, but no work will need be done. Just to check for your comfort.
  • Wisdom teeth removal can be done in one visit, if your oral situation meets certain requirements. Sometimes patients prefer the wisdom teeth to be removed in two sessions. We will have to analyze the situation before deciding on a treatment. Wisdom tooth extraction cost may seem a barrier to getting the treatment done, but it will likely pay off handsomely in the future with the avoidance of other works to deal with tooth impaction.

Lengthy Installation and Advanced Treatments

  • Usually taking at minimum 6 months to install, tooth implant cost is pricey and considers many factors. An implant will substitute or replace a tooth that has been removed. It takes a significant amount of time because the titanium root must be integrated into the gums and jaw, a process that takes many months to complete.
  • Affordable dentures implants are just like a single implanted tooth, but a solution for the entire upper or lower set of teeth. This means a significantly greater amount of work and healing.
  • If you believe you have gum disease symptoms, you ought to visit us as soon as possible. Periodontal disease is a serious illness and will get worse over time. Addressing it in its infancy will reduce recovery time and perhaps save you a gum graft and other costly advanced dental procedures. Periodontitis will be treated by a gum health specialist but the diagnosis can be made in our office.

Once we have addressed your needs that need to be restored, your smile should be back to the way it was meant to be. Now we can explore methods to preserve your smile (with preventive care methods) and ways to enhance the smile (cosmetic dentistry).

veneersCosmetic Works

Studying and practicing cosmetic works for decades has allowed us to improve the smiles of people of all ages in Florida. Young professionals sometimes seek a teeth whitening professional and recent retirees will often ask us about and decide on veneers.

Both are great methods for improving the smile and are relatively simple procedures that have no cascading effects on the rest of the mouth.

Porcelain veneers are quite costly and will not only cover existing stains but remold the teeth into your desired shape and style. Our method of in office UV teeth whitening provides excellent results that are experienced in just one weekend!

If these methods are out of your price range, we can give you options for over the counter teeth whitening. As these are methods you do yourself, at home, they come with some potential negative effects. For this reason, it’s best to consult with us before deciding on a treatment for yourself.

Oral Health Education Specialists

Part of our job is to teach our patients about tooth maintenance and methods to stay out of trouble, searching for solution or a dentist in emergency situations.

Methods to help with toothache pain remedy, oral habits, and dieting tips are ways that we help you become the catalyst to your dental health.

Working With Dental Insurance

Regardless off which affordable dental discount insurance plans you may have, coverage will unlikely cover a major part of dental works such as root canal cost, price of All on 4 dental implants, and definitely not a professional teeth whitening prices.

However, our front desk agents act as advocates for your coverage. As experts in dealing with insurance, they can work the providers to get your treatment coverage maxed out. This applies for youth, adults and dental insurance for seniors.

pediatric dentist

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you’re looking for an affordable emergency dentist to treat the whole family or to install elected works like veneers, we are the office for you. We prioritize our clients desires above all else and strive to update and perfect our methods.

The goal of this website is to provide our potential clients with the information they are seeking in searching for a new dentist in Coral Springs. There are many dentists in the area and you will need to select carefully in order to build a strong long-term relationship with a dentist that will look out for your well-being. Come meet with us and see how we “fit” with you and your overall oral health goals.