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Our website was recently created to give out clients a better understanding of our dental services available in Chula Vista, CA. Due to the inter-connectivity of San Diego and Tijuana, we are a premier service provider for all types of family dental plans in the San Diego Metropolitan Area.

family dentistOfrecemos servicios en Español!

We are the current trusted source for hundreds of families in south San Diego who asked their friends, “Where can I find the best pediatric dentist office near me?” and also those who were in need of an emergency dental clinic.

Because we are so perfectly located, our patients are able to come into the office when their schedules allow it. Providing care for the whole family or for individuals when they need it is as important to us as it is to you.

Our education and experience in a variety of dental niches has allowed us to operate as emergency dentists and specialized practitioners, providing quality and valuable care to those from all walks of life. In caring for your smile, dental insurance is incredible valuable, and our team understands this.

Therefore, we make it a priority to train our reception and front desk staff to expertly deal with your dental plans in order to get the most bang for your premium bucks.

A few of our specialties are:

Preventive Dental

  • Recommending holistic and home remedies for a severe toothache and what to take for a toothache when a quick and easy solution is not effective.
  • Teaching our patients what causes bad breath and how to avoid halitosis.
  • Helping patients avoid gingivitis gum disease which can often lead to bleeding gums.
  • Helping to instill healthy oral habits that will last a lifetime and ensure that your natural teeth are in the best possible condition.

Setting you up for success is our number one objective. Beyond treating existing dental issues, we teach you the steps needed to steer clear of dental disease. Then routine and occasional visits to our office will help you stay our of trouble.

Restorative Works

  • Dental bonding and minimally invasive tooth repair.
  • Keeping dental implants cost relatively affordable without a dental plan.
  • Providing affordable dentures for those looking for full set replacements
  • Dental caps and porcelain crowns.
  • Minimizing root canal pain treatment so that the process is quick and effective.
  • Removing decayed tooth and dealing with abscessed teeth, allowing for low tooth extraction cost.

The majority of our newer clients do not know how to properly care for their teeth, as a result, they enter our office with existing problems. We are able to greatly improve the situation and remedy the mouth to its per-existing function.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Handling all restorative works and replacing teeth with the most state of the art and newest tools in order to make all new installations look better than the original!
  • How to whiten teeth with bleaching, and providing advising for other home solutions that reduce teeth bleaching cost.
  • Working with orthodontists for teeth straightening procedures. We have a great network of specialists that work in orthodontics and can provide specialized care for you!
  • Providing consultations and utilizing advanced tools and procedures on installations that make dental veneers cost less than they would in other practices.

dental insuranceIf you are considering how much are veneers teeth, you should know they are not covered by dental plans a majority of the times. As a chosen treatment, they are not absolutely necessary to your well being, although you could sure make the argument!

We will be happy to provide you with a quote and free consultation to discuss treatment and the cost. It is important to analyze your mouth, as all cases are different and we cannot give a rough price if we do not know your mouth.

Lumineers are also a great alternative to veneers if you are not looking to cover up stains. They are a thinner material that provides for more enamel of the original tooth to exist, as a result of more high-tech design they are more than what dental veneers cost.

If looking into whitening teeth, in office teeth whitening is our best recommendation. Letting a professional whiten the teeth is much safer and guaranteed to produce results. A home kit is not necessarily either of those.

Pediatrics, Family, Individual Dental Clinic

We are especially suited for children and perform pediatric care. The unique thing about children’s dental care is that they are still being indoctrinated into the medical professional and as a result must do so slowly. Our trained pediatric dentist studied specifically to care for their unique behavioral traits. You also want to make you decide on pediatric dentistry so that you can have your child educated on the many benefits of oral health. This will undoubtedly save you many headaches in the future as those permanent teeth begin to grow in.

Aside from emergencies, lets discuss a normal ideal schedule that we advise our clients to follow for optimal health.


oral health careBrushing and flossing daily will prevent tooth decay brought on by development of plaque and tartar. Home remedies for toothaches caused by trauma or accidental damage to teeth. Noticing if tooth pain is emanating from gums. Letting your dentist know of any irregularities with your bite or oral health.

Using mouthwash or warm saltwater when unable to brush immediately is also a good method to remove the leftover food deposits. Take note of your brushing habits and try to get every crevice including way back behind the rear molars!

Every Six Months:

Oral evaluation at your dentist’s office. A teeth cleaning will remove any built-up residue from plaque. Cleaning of the gum pockets and scaling of the enamel of the teeth. Oral evaluation and x-rays are a great way to see is a broken implant tooth must be repaired, replaced, or otherwise adjusted.

We are great at helping answering questions that our patients have, able to answer and provide insight to things like:

  • “What are some toothache remedies besides ibuprofen? I’ve taken a few different kinds of painkillers but can’t get relief.”
  • “What does a root canal cost if my dental benefits for this year are already over the limit?”
  • “Considering tooth implant cost, am I better off getting a bridge?”
  • “Will you please tell me up to what amount of treatment will dental implant costs be covered by my insurance provider?”

Please browse our site to understand a bit more about our practice. We offer the type of dental care that your grandmother would want for you. The kind of dentist that pushes you to take care of yourself, but also nurtures you when you have an illness.

We are the emergency dentist that is sought after during complex treatments, and an office that is constantly ranking amongst the top in San Diego according to aggregates of dentist reviews.

For any more information regarding the information found on this page or any of our other pages, we are available for your inquiry. Send us a message with your questions or to schedule your complimentary and introductory appointment. We are happy to meet new clients whether visiting from San Diego or south of the border!