How Gingivitis Leads To Toothache In The Woodlands

You most likely hear about gingivitis and gum disease on TV all the time from advertisements that are selling teeth cleaning products. mouthwash, toothpastes, and high-tech brushes are all things that use the scariness of gingivitis to sell their products.

dentistBut you most likely don’t even know what gingivitis is. Well let’s discuss gingivitis and gum diseases. Periodontal disease is the result of built up plaque and tartar developing and building up under the gum line.

You see, gums are flexible and elastic, and can burrowed under by bacteria. This dark, moist, and warm area is perfect breeding grounds for bacterial build up.

And where does this bacteria come from?

Well, our mouth is full of bacteria, both good and bad. So in the case of a bad bacteria buildup, the growth starts to infect and grow more plentiful in the gum’s health. This can lead to tooth loss and infections of the jaw. This disease can also be what causes bad breath and sensitive teeth.

Often times a toothache can be a good indicator of early signs of gum disease. Periodontics is the study and care of what literally means the area around the tooth. A good periodontic treatment for gum disease is one that removes the existing bacteria and provides an ideal environment for gum health to recover.

Our dental office is more than equipped to handle such procedures and to ensure that your gum health is healthy now and into the future.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Can Pay Off In The Long Run

This human body has been changing over the last thousands of years. Just like our appendix is a mostly useless part of our body, so to have our wisdom teeth become not so necessary. Wisdom teeth removal is a great option for many people who can afford to have a procedure that will keep them out of harms way far into the future.

You see sometimes when wisdom teeth grow in, they affect the alignment and the arrangement of the rest of the mouth. These molars are larger than any teeth you already have in your mouth, thus their presence may make your mouth a bit more crowded than is needed.

If you are a candidate for wisdom tooth extraction, you should definitely weigh your options to help decide if you would like to go through with the invasive procedure.

How To Find A 24 Hour Emergency Dentist

When you’re having a dental emergency, the last thing you want is to struggle and waste valuable time trying to find the clinic or professional who can handle emergency.

toothacheFor this reason we suggest preparing far ahead of time. Having your emergency dentist contact at a critical time will not be a decision that you regret.

Our office is well suited to provide for emergency care, prioritizing our care and services to those with emergency services is standard practice. Other preventive care that we offer is by educating you and providing resources to deal when you’re looking for a home remedy for toothache.

If you’re looking for a dentist in The Woodlands who not only cares for emergencies but also provides knowledge that will lead to optimum dental health, please take a moment to schedule an appointment.

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